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a dealer in seeds

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An account in the North Wales Chronicle, of the Denbigh annual flower show, on Sept 6, 1867, states: "Mr Roberts, seedsman, Denbigh, exhibited a magnificent collection of roses, dahlias, asters, stocks, and verbenas.
It was supposed that the hemlock was mistakenly taken for parsley when originally supplied by an inept seedsman.
54 at supermarket prices* was harvested during 2011 from a plot just 30ft long by 9ft wide by mail order seedsman DT Brown.
Mary MacKillop Revealed has been updated to refer to her Beatification by Pope John Paul II, and is now presented in an unabridged audiobook production read 1997 TDK Audio Book Award winner Jenny Seedsman, whose credentials include stellar theater, radio, and television performances.
Buy new seed from a reputable seedsman and they will have it stamped or written on the packet so you can plant accordingly.
They gave him false papers which named him as Georges Hirsoil, a deaf and dumb agricultural seedsman.
Seed is available in small quantities (300) seeds to breeders and seedsman on written request to the corresponding author for at least 5 yr.
I got the idea from a seedsman who told me they use such hexagrams as abbreviations for their stock and that they occasionally make real words.
The Oregon Seed Growers League named him Seedsman of the Year in 1993.
Alongside the allotment was a seedsman and gardener's shop, which was part of a row of cottages.
Seedsman Colin Randall tells me there are 14 blight-resistant potatoes in the company's catalogue, including Oria, Valor, Sprey, Romano, Remarka, Sante, Appell, Amour and Druid.
Meanwhile rain has delayed spring crop onion drilling for up to four weeks according to seedsman Nickersan Zwaan.
In 1806, a seedsman of the times, McMahon, listed 16 varieties of lettuce in his catalogue.
Bwye, a professional gardener, seedsman and landscape architect.
One recalls how the seedsman, after learning that Pip has come into his expectations, clings to the boy with an obsequiousness as oppressive as the proverbial cheap suit that Pip has just come from being fitted for by Trabb.