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a several-seeded dehiscent fruit as e

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Jones' recurrent referencing of the seedpod form symbolises transference of information and regeneration and is also a pressing political issue close to her heart.
"We cut the seedpod with a ghoza," says Rakmon, and he gives me a little wooden tool with a serrated metal edge.
Students use the coil hand-building process to build a seedpod shaped bowl.
Critics emphasize that their "ecology is incredibly simple" (Metzger 58), one in which "[a]nimals (mulefa), plants (seedpod trees), and technology (the mulefa's using seedpods as wheels, lubricated with the trees' oil) have evolved into mutual interdependence that both requires and produces Dust" (Shohet 31).
Hanging from the fattest stalks were huge seedpods, ready to burst!
However, you will also need to cut off the seedpod while it is small so that the plant's energy will concentrate on making more flowers.
'In Kashmore District from where I hail, we call the Amaltas seedpod 'chinkni' because of the sound it makes when shaken,' says Hanif, another big fan of the Amaltas tree.
Thus, among the 'specific pest' chapters you find contributions on flea beetles, diamondback moth, swede midge, cabbage seedpod weevil, pollen beetle, bertha armyworm, sucking insects, and noctuid pests.
The seedpod of the coastal banksia, a tree native to eastern Australia, suggests an intricate sculpture, a grouping of clams, or disembodied mouths.
| The Seedpod Sea Foam cushion in cool, calming blue looks great with delicate pinks
When Lucy finds her father entangled in the flesh-eating Dreamwood tree, she nourishes its remaining seedpod with her blood, and he is released.
The pockmarked spherical body and pointy-petaled seedpod in Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula and Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula (Detail) are decidedly more sinister in ambience.
The family had not transported or received organic materials from California, except for an elongated ([approximately equal to] 45 cm) seedpod. All plants and potting soil had been bought locally from national chain vendors.