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a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothing

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but directed in South Africa by that master observer of So Cal seediness, ``Chinatown'' screenwriter Robert Towne.
Drawing out the seediness underlying the glitz, McManus's book did something that the others have failed to--subtly observed that the single-minded pursuit of money often exacts a heavy price.
UNASHAMED pure lust is a great reason to spend the weekend with your lover - and the seediness of the roadside motel can add to your pleasure.
The plant breeders look for shape, size, shininess and seediness, among other qualities.
Not that they had a choice in the matter, but the International Cricket Council (ICC), finally adopted a hard-line commitment to rid the game of the seediness that has crept into it.
Graham Greene is invoked as "the high priest of seediness," and George Orwell hardly needs to be named when the intelligence administration, HVA, Hauptverwaltung Aufklarung, is rendered as the "Department of Enlightenment.
It is shocking, as one looks back over Auden's poetic oeuvre, to note how early the seediness set in.
Shakespeare's Henry V is two plays, one of which, the grimly unglamorous expose of the sordid reality that really lies behind the "pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war," subverts the other, the conventional patriotic Boys' Own Paper play, to such an extent that in order to preserve the patriotic reading a director (whether of film or of theatre) must simply cut away the doubts and questionings, the seediness and disillusion, and present the resultant castrato as the "real" Shakespeare.
Even if you can't get a back rub with a coffee break, there is a flourishing industry that has outgrown its image of exclusivity on the one hand and seediness on the other.
There are a LOT of layers, a lot of characters to get to grips with and a lot of seediness, the second factor just seems to complicate the former.
But the sign's size, and the business' seediness by the time it finally closed six years ago, were obvious barriers to would-be buyers.
Grim and grittily violent, the film is rich in atmosphere by taking in the seediness of London's back streets but, alas, offers little in the way of surprises in the plot department.
I'd guess if these same men were glimpsed walking with their families along the Alcester Road, nobody would be struck by their seediness or strangeness.
It had all the seediness of a no-questions-asked, brownenvelope arrangement and English cricket should have been above it.
Yet it blithely condones lap dancing, a booming and freely promoted industry, which not only demeans the female workforce but fuels a shameless seediness that is blighting our society.