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Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

full of seeds


shabby and untidy


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

morally degraded

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This smart black comedy has a lovely central performance by Bennett as the seedily charming boozy businessman.
Her parents were a dissolute, seedily soigne couple utterly unsuited to reproduction.
This book will probably sell millions, and those millions see racing as a slightly crooked, seedily glamorous, bewitching world of poshos all one step away from ripping each other's clothes off to play stallions and broodmares.
Back to England, though, and had it not been reported by every media organisation, I would have thought it was another wind-up the following day that the FA, instead of sacking Sven Goran Eriksson on the spot for seedily sniffing around to see what was on the table at Chelsea, upped his salary to an obscene pounds 5m a year.