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Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

full of seeds


shabby and untidy


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

morally degraded

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The 22-year-old street walker is working the city's seediest red light district around Glasgow's east end.
Stick the bus station in the seediest part of town, St James's Boulevard, the posh name for a red light area.
From there it's a battle for survival through some of New York's seediest locations.
A day later, in Vladivostok, Irina Grebneva, editor of the weekly Arsenyevskiye Vesti, was arrested and held for five days in one of the region's seediest prisons.
Even in the seediest of bars you can be surrounded by people trying to help, even if they do have the map upside down.
We can limit the seediest outlets, and there are seedy outlets,'' council candidate James Young said, adding that he saw no reason to affect people who drink responsibly.
But then this is a story which features some of the grubbiest, seediest, most hypocritical people in America.
MARSEILLE's most famous street is La Canebiere, renowned as France's seediest red light district.
The former landlady of the Rovers Return has revealed for the first time how she worked as a hostess in London's seediest district.
The seediest was in London's Green Park, where porn videos were on offer
Primas, a Democrat whose first act as mayor was to let the state build a prison on Camden's waterfront in exchange for a bailout, told us of a beautification project on Admiral Wilson Boulevard, one of the seediest roads in New Jersey.
Forever Love is a breathy, skipping heartbeat of a song with vocal flourishes reminiscient of Sinead O'Connor in her pomp while Death Of A Star has the sort of meandering organ line that's equally at home in a cathedral mass or the seediest cabaret club.
My mum and I lived in one of the seediest places on Earth.
Canseco's newfound prominence is another way in which the scandal is played all the way out: Some of the sport's beloved figures are not only touched by steroid allegations, they are wrestled down to the moral level of one of the game's seediest characters.