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Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

full of seeds


shabby and untidy


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

morally degraded

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by stepping into the (allegedly) seediest joints in its hometown.
And in the darkest, seediest corners of that labyrinth, where only the like-minded go, lurk the kind of people who don't deserve to share the earth with decent people.
And Donal Mcintrye, a man who has lived in the secrecy of safe houses after uncovering some of the world's seediest criminals for TV showsahappily gave me his mobile number
Come on, chaps, even the city's seediest, wannabe trendy wine bars have heard of 'winetasting".
The result is a motley group of freelance reporters taking up residence in Baghdad's seediest hotels--including a former brothel--and churning out stories on shoestring budgets in a country the Committee to Protect Journalists ranked the most dangerous in the world for journalists.
Others became a conspicuous meeting ground for gringo tourism and debauchery and headquarters for the seediest and most successful Mexican controlled criminalities.
If anything, it makes it worse than the seediest strip joint as the lap-dancing club hides its basic instincts under a veneer of pretension.
With a heavy concentration of bars, clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and hotels, downtown is seen as both the seediest and trendiest part of the city.
Of the teen flicks at Sundance, the most daring premise--or the seediest, depending on how you look at it--belonged to The United States of Leland, which asks you to sympathize with a supersensitive young kid (played by Ryan Gosling), who has just stabbed a retarded boy 23 times.
Measure 26 seeks to remove the seediest part of the business side of initiatives by eliminating per-signature payments.
In the scene, Erasmus and Wilson and Wilson's then wife, Lindsay, arrive outside the Russell Club, a fortresslike bunker on the fringe of one of the city's seediest housing estates, with a view to starting up a weekly club night.
And not to be forgotten is the danger of assaults, muggings and/or injuries that attorneys have endured en route to or from courthouses, because the effect of the gun bans is to disarm attorneys away from the courthouse, even in some of the seediest neighborhoods and parking lots all over the country as they walk to and from the courts.
How does this family man, with five children aged 4 to 16, feel about making his living off one of the world's seediest components: terrorism?
As the cuckolded Dino, the town of Harmony's seediest (and most apparently fart-prone) entrepreneur, AMP veteran Scott Ambler is perplexingly over the top and wasted, too; as "Swan Lake" admirers will know, for all Tony nominee Adam Cooper's allure in the flashiest role, that production was anchored by an achingly beautiful contribution from Ambler, who is sadly debased here.
Jazz emerged from the humblest, even the seediest, of origins, so it is great to see Mark Ramsden and Steve Lodder playing in Holy Trinity Church, dating from the 14th century, on August 26.