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Seedbed temperatures were estimated at the same study locations used for soil moisture estimation.
15% higher than those obtained from seedlings grown in a seedbed (Kolodziej and Najda, 2007).
With their broad leaves, brassicas shade out the seedbed, prohibiting weed growth and minimizing soil moisture loss through evaporation.
that God has given a seedbed that is capable of helping to evolve the world and the church of the 21st century.
On a well-tilled seedbed, and since the cultivators are about 45 degrees to the ground, there is no stress on the attachment.
In the late season of okra crop, zero tillage produced significantly higher okra pod yield than any seedbed treatment.
For a time, the claims by Davenport and her accomplices gave people in Reedsport and far beyond reason to believe that the small coastal community was a seedbed of intolerance and hatred.
Zero tillage (or direct seeding) is a soil and crop management option that places seed and fertiliser into an undisturbed seedbed, packs the furrow and retains adequate surface residues to prevent soil erosion.
Classical and Christian humanism already had something of this complex notion of agency that served as a seedbed for the hermeneutic achievement.
But it could not have gone as far as it did without classical Christian anti-Semitism, which provided a crucial seedbed at the grassroots level.
But let's remember that New York City was the seedbed for many of these companies.
Seedbed characteristics and seeding depth effects on emergence and seedling vigour of upland rice.
This is the seedbed for most of the movement in the direction of turning to natural remedies and natural healing.
Among the topics covered are the slow evolution of the wheelwright's craft, the background and training of the architect-engineers who undertook the construction of medieval cathedrals, the increasing use of visualization as seen in da Vinci's notebooks, Galileo's contribution of bringing science and engineering together, and the increasing importance of basic science as the seedbed of engineering and design innovations.
Detailing struggles that can be read as forming a seedbed for nascent theologies of liberation, this compelling collection of essays provides much needed context on this period of rapid development.