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c) In the case of any seed or seed stock, on the seed or seed stock container, sales receipt or any other reference to identification, ownership, or possession, with the words 'genetically engineered' or 'produced with genetic engineering' stated clearly and conspicuously.
Developed in line with these rigorous standards, researchers, physicians and industry can be reassured of the reliability of the seed stock - the essential base for translational applications.
For the past two decades, Morton has been on a quest to strengthen seed stock of organic vegetables, especially heirloom varieties.
The recession and short-sighted political decisions are destroying the seed stock of our public health system: governmental public health departments.
This and other historical famines are the main reason for establishment of the new "doomsday seed vaults" being built above the Arctic Circle to store millions of varieties of seed stock, both old and modern.
5 million tonnes of seed stock in Asia's third largest wheat producer has been destroyed by the floods.
If you go to nurseries or garden centres in autumn they are selling off some of the seed stock cheaper which was designed for spring.
If you go to nurseries or garden centres in autumn, they are selling off some of the seed stock cheaper which was designed for spring.
If you go to garden centres in autumn they're selling off the spring seed stock cheaper.
Garlic bulbs resulting from seed stock purchased in other regions may not display the characteristics-such as bulb size, shape, and color-featured in the catalogs.
com, according to the Denver-based industry-funded research and promotions commodity board, represents all sectors of the American lamb industry, including producers, feeders, seed stock producers and processors.
Over 100 villages will eventually have 50,000 native trees from over two dozen species by 2010 in order to preserve the seed stock for future long-term community-based reforestation schemes.
TAL began its first Jatropha farm for the purpose of producing high-quality seed stock for propagation of Jatropha farms from a highly developed variety of Jatropha indigenous to Latin America.
We're extremely proud to have provided the McEwen Ranch with outstanding bulls from our seed stock for its Oregon ranch lands," said Bill Davis.
Given the very good rains in the region this year, not only will the households look forward to a more food-secure year in 2008, but will also be able to face the future years with a renewed and improved seed stock.