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Specialty pharma company Nemysis Ltd revealed on Wednesday the completion of a EUR1m seed money round with its current investors.
recently announced that it's starting an insurance startup training program that will offer the startups accepted up to $120,000 in seed money each.
Juncker said the European Investment Bank will be the "prime mover" in delivering seed money for those investments over the next three years.
Presenting their most compelling business ideas to a jury comprised of some of the Middle East's leading decision-makers, the nine rising entrepreneurial teams are competing for start-up seed money equaling USD $60,000 as well as receiving mentoring support from successful business leaders and consultants.
Heard that the diocese of New Westminster has donated $320,000 in seed money to General Synod's Letting Down the Nets stewardship and gift planning initiative.
The Atkinson Charitable Foundation is the lead sponsor and provided seed money to set up the Task Force.
The forum has given seed money to help develop seven TV programs for this fall's viewing.
Strong representation continued in Sacramento; promotion of the CPA profession was expanded in the media; participation in chapter activities increased statewide; members enjoyed CalCPA Daily Clips; and we launched the financial literacy initiative with seed money from the contingency fund.
We thought we had it all down pat but, among other things, we underestimated the amount of seed money needed and how to satisfy the requirements of 200 golfers and tennis players.
Companies need seed money to create proprietary funds.
Ehr personally donated the seed money that established the NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas where Baughman and his colleagues work.
He or she needs a smaller amount of seed money, thus reducing gift tax.
He approached Jim Johnson, a local lawyer and well-known hockey dad, who has two sons playing in the National Hockey League, who became the lead investor and helped gather 25 investors who each invested $3,500 in seed money to become owners of the Lakehead University hockey team.
Along with offices, we provide Texas Tech investigators with seed money for research projects at about $20,000 each.