seed corn

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good quality seeds (as kernels of corn) that are reserved for planting


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Corn planters, shellers, seed corn dryers, germination trays, a smut destroyer, signs and more dominate the collection.
Hybrid seed corn companies start to harvest seed corn when the black layer has just started to move away from the tip where it is attached to the cob.
Manufacturing under the name of Airoflex Equipment, it will continue offering reliable, hydraulic truck dumpers for biomass, refuse-derived fuel, wood waste, seed corn, peanuts, sugarcane and other products.
When I think of the state of New York's finances, I often think of the term in farming "eating your seed corn.
The Challenge which ran from September to November involved up to 100 participating businesses each being given pounds 50 seed corn capital donated by HSBC Bank and asked to use their entrepreneurial skills and ingenuity to grow that sum over the three month period.
Royal Loomis is a local farm boy, lovely to look at but interested only in seed corn and chickens.
The choice is between, as I like to say, "Money now is always better than money later" and "Are you eating the seed corn of the future?
Suketoshi Taba encountered this change in attitude when he tried to head off an apparent crisis affecting seed corn in gene banks throughout Latin America.
Rubin concludes that some agencies successfully engaged in "trimming the herds, skillfully pruning" their size "until it reached the resource levels available" and some suffered the less desirable outcome, "eating the seed corn, consuming .
Looking back at this lengthy period of downsizing, Rubin asks: Did the government merely eat the seed corn or did it succeed in trimming the herds?
Virtually all of the seed corn in this country has at least a trace of GMO contamination and often more.
Wants: bloody butcher seed corn and bitter melon seeds.
The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) said that "very low levels" of this year's seed corn were contaminated with the Cry9c protein of StarLink corn.
In speaking for the settling stares, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has said it was "irresponsible" for Aventis to market the StarLink seed corn with unrealistic restrictions -- including that there must be at least 660-foot "buffer strips" between StarLink and other planted corn, and that StarLink grain had to be kept segregated from other corn.
Hawaii has developed a national reputation for producing high-quality seed corn.