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a list advertising seeds and their prices

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The seed catalog we received always landed in our mailbox at precisely the right moment.
The 2015-2016 Ornamental Growers Seed catalog offers tips on creating eye-appealing flower container combinations and growing high-yielding edibles in containers.
But in the depths of winter, the seed catalog thrill lasts only so long.
There are some seed catalogs where you can choose the names of people who buy merchandise from them, but not the seeds [they buy]," explains Aubitz.
Included in the 2013-2014 Ornamental Growers Seed Catalog are the new All America Selections Winners which includes South Pacific Scarlet canna, Sparkle White gaura, Pinto Premium White to Rose geranium, and Profusion Double Hot Cherry and Deep Salmon zinnias.
Not being a winter person, I spend the cold dark days leafing through seed catalogs.
The seed industry is highly competitive, so any variety that persists more than a decade in a modern seed catalog must be good.
I was first inspired by Burpee's, probably the only seed catalog we received in our suburban New York home, with its enticing offer of hard cash for developing the first white marigold.
Gardeners might want to consider ``From the Garden: The Vintage Seed Catalog Illustration: 1896-1929.
Garden Central is the perfect jumping off place to tour Internet Web Sites, from nurseries and seed catalog publishers to famous botanical gardens around the world.
Dicholostemma are native bulbs that offer deep purple flowers - these probably have to be ordered from a seed catalog.
The Territorial Seed catalog does not have room for hundreds of new additions, so the Johns operate Abundant Life as a specialty company and use several certified organic acres at Territorial's research farm to grow seed.
The most dangerous piece of mail a novice gardener can receive is a seed catalog.
And now, unless you order Complete Caller ID Blocking from your carrier or punch in a numerical code when you dial, your number can be broadcast to anyone - a beloved aunt, a seed catalog solicitor or, theoretically, a psychotic.
This is more than a seed catalog - it is a way of life