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a list advertising seeds and their prices

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The seed catalog we received always landed in our mailbox at precisely the right moment.
The 2015-2016 Ornamental Growers Seed catalog offers tips on creating eye-appealing flower container combinations and growing high-yielding edibles in containers.
But in the depths of winter, the seed catalog thrill lasts only so long.
"There are some seed catalogs where you can choose the names of people who buy merchandise from them, but not the seeds [they buy]," explains Aubitz.
Included in the 2013-2014 Ornamental Growers Seed Catalog are the new All America Selections Winners which includes South Pacific Scarlet canna, Sparkle White gaura, Pinto Premium White to Rose geranium, and Profusion Double Hot Cherry and Deep Salmon zinnias.
Consider cucumbers, for example: There is a Brown Russian, a "lunch box" cuke from Germany, two Asian types, straight eight that was an All-American winner years ago, and Lemon, which is a yellow, round heirloom type - all of which constitutes a respectable listing in any seed catalog.
Seed catalogs help us dream of the season to come and keep our green thumbs busy highlighting must haves and making wish lists.
Certified Organic, GMO-free seeds are usually labeled as such in seed catalogs and on racks.
While supermarkets are broadening their selection of Asian vegetables, Asian markets, farmers markets and seed catalogs are often the best sources.
This niche book for history buffs and professional gardeners offers rich insight into how seed catalogs influenced the American obsession with social status.
They are a bit more pricey than some of the other seed catalogs, but well worth it.--Carol Lewis-Chatelain, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Illustrations include vintage seed catalogs, botanical drawings, and photographs.
One of my favorite activities on a cold winter evening is to settle into my comfortable armchair in front of the woodstove with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a big stack of seed catalogs. As I listen to the wind howl outside, I conjure up images of my next vegetable garden with big ripe tomatoes hanging on trellised plants, bushy basil plants covered in dew, and giant sunflowers swaying in the breeze.
Get garden magazines and seed catalogs, but beware of being carried away by beautiful pictures.
Neither do mainstream seed catalogs. If you're shopping for true heirlooms, beware of imposters trying to cash in on heirloom's nostalgic image.