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Bath battled to a fifth Superleague win in eight seasons, beating Dragons 62-56 in a brutal and see-sawing final with neither side able to establish a significant lead until the final four minutes.
Diame's see-sawing between a move to the Emirates and remaining with West Ham for this season is likely to complicate matters for Wenger.
Hun Hin: China's Li Na beat World Number 1 Victoria Azarenka on Saturday 10-6 in a play-off after the pair shared a set each in a see-sawing invitation match in the Thai resort of Hua Hin.
The downward trend in the rate will bolster Latvian claims that the economy is now on a sustainable path after years of see-sawing macroeconomic data.
A tough contest was also in store for top seeded Niluka Karunaratne of Sri Lanka, who rallied past India's Akshit Mahajan 21-17, 27-25 in a see-sawing battle that saw both players race past each other at regular intervals.
Both teams scored three tries, but fly-half Ki Anufe led Samoa to victory by contributing 14 points from a conversion and four penalties in a see-sawing contest.
Medics say it increases the likelihood of mothers dying in labour, while macrosomic babies with see-sawing blood levels will have to be weaned off sugar dependency.
In their point of view acuity indicated that the markets lacked direction over the week with Indices see-sawing amidst media speculation over regulatory body changes.
Fish won the third set tiebreaker 7-3 in bright afternoon sunshine, sealing victory with his seventh ace of the match after a see-sawing contest lasting two hours 11
In 2009 it was a see-sawing series, and there's no reason to expect this one not to be.
The dance towards the title sees the contenders see-sawing up and down, although Mark is still holding onto a slight lead," Alonso said.
A novelty in the show is Shipa Gupta's singing and see-sawing microphones, titled In Our Time, which deal with the speeches made on the eve of Indian independence, and talk of failed promises and botched aspirations.
KUWAIT, Nov 24 (KUNA) -- Oil experts said that oil prices see-sawing
It's see-sawing because the cars are sensitive and we have different track temperatures.
Robinson the Matthews Distinguished Professor of Modern Languages and History at Northeastern University and author of biographies of Sergei Prokofiev and Sol Hurok describes how the see-sawing relations between the two superpowers are mirrored in the portrayal of Russians/Soviets in popular films.