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Port achieved the low-water dreamscape by combining perennials like gaura and orange sedge that peak late in the growing season with evergreens like mugo pine, rosemary, and sedums for year-round lushness.
To retain the natural look of the site when viewed from a distance, these homes will also have sedum roofs, while the six, five-bedroomed properties in the southern garden will have zinc roofs - resembling those of greenhouses.
Plant alongside heleniums, sedums and asters for a gorgeous contrast between their spiky flowers and daisy blooms of late-flowering perennials.
Sedum 'Autumn Joy' seems eternally decorated with peacocks, red admirals and tortoiseshells.
There are several selections of Sedum spectabile including one with pure white flowers, called Sedum spectabile 'Iceberg.
The Sedum spuriums can be selected for variegated foliage, or pink, red, white, or purple flowers.
Sedum is an interesting perennial with attractive fleshy, succulent, evergreen foliage.
Considerably more studies have focused on plant selection and performance of the vegetative cover on flat green roof systems, using Sedum sp.
Varios autores suponen que la distribucion natural de Sedum morganianum se encuentra en el oriente de Mexico (t'Hart y Bleij, 2003; Meyran y Lopez, 2003), basados en que el material tipo provenia de una planta que Eric Walther obtuvo de un vivero de la ciudad de Coatepec (Walther, 1938) y a que Clausen (1959) observo que era frecuente encontrarlo cultivado en Coscomatepec y Orizaba, ciudades de la region central del estado de Veracruz.
In roof gardens various succulents like beaucarnia, adenium, sedum and different cacti may be of immense interest.
Washington, September 4 (ANI): Scientists have carried out a study to determine the effect of the success of the growth of the sedum plant on "green" roofs.
Genera in this family include Crassula, Kalanchoe, Sedum, Aeonium, Echeveria, Sempervivum and Dudleya.
The school also has a sedum roof providing a natural habitat for plants and small wildlife and a visual educational tool for the pupils.
The sedum overcomes the building's heat island effect by reflecting heat from summer sunlight.
Finally, the 5000sqm flat roof is planted with sedum, which also contributes to energy efficiency and further develops the relationship of library and landscape for those overlooking the site from surrounding buildings.