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Synonyms for seductress

Synonyms for seductress

a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men

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a woman who seduces

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When the seductress is revealed to be Regine Dandridge (Julie Carmen), sister of Jerry, the pieces start to come together.
Pauline Quirke's portrayal of an unlikely seductress in Real Women brought her the best actress prize.
Seductress Ellis had unprotected sex six times with the youngster in her marital bed while her plumber husband was away working.
But the mystery seductress is none other than his model wife Debbie, 30.
This alluring blend of electro beats and breathy come-hither sass sees Helen Marnie turn into a robotic seductress while her bandmates press all the right buttons to put her into cyber sex avenger mode.
But in the show, which opens at Edinburgh Playhouse next month, she plays beautiful seductress, Stacy.
The girlfriend of Welsh hearthrob Ioan Gruffudd had to dye her hair brown for her role in Heart of Stone in which she plays _ a scheming seductress.
She joked: "I think the nation's seen me as a seductress already."
BRITNEY Spears is to play a teenage seductress in the adult TV comedy drama Sex and the City.
A delicious three course dinner awaited us as an impenetrable script saw a foxy Russian seductress entice the head of MI5 into her boudoir.
When his ex-wife finds out, she tries to blackmail the seductress, but the playwright returns to talk to Garry again.
Talking about Kaa, she said: "She (Kaa) is quite a seductress. Dubbing for it was quite unique...
29 (ANI): The first trailer of 'Terminal' gave a glimpse of a lethal seductress, portrayed by Margot Robbie.
Can a woman who thought she would never marry transform herself into the ultimate seductress? Passionate and sensual, The Accidental Bride is a treat for connoisseurs of the genre.
Halima Boland likes to think she's a can-do-it-all kinda star, which is why she announced on Instagram that she will be starring in a new Egyptian TV series called "Al Fatina" (The Seductress).