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Synonyms for sediment

Synonyms for sediment

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

Synonyms for sediment

matter that has been deposited by some natural process

deposit as a sediment

settle as sediment

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River sediment is crucial to counter the rapid sinking of deltas due to sea level rise and subsurface mining among other pressures.
Deltas are created when rivers enter a body of water, such as the ocean, and deposit the sediment they carry.
The investment made for reducing sediment yield in this small catchment area does not make it a viable project like at Mangla where almost all catchment area is favourable for watershed checks and interventions.
He said technical investigation of various aspects of the sediment problem at Tarbela have been performed by TAMS Consultants of the project since 1967.
In this paper, we selected the region from Hekouzhen to Longmen in the middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin (hereinafter referred to as the HLR) as the study area, which is located in the Loess Plateau and represents the most seriously affected area of water and soil loss and is the concentrated source area of sediment and coarse sediment [2]; additionally, this region is one of the three storm flood source areas in the middle reaches of the Yellow River [3].
In contrast, little research has been focused on the different classes of precipitation that have significant impacts on sediment yield.
Sediment samples were retrieved at three locations from Lake Saint Clair (LC1, LC2, and LC3) and three locations from the Saint Clair River (SC1, SC2, and SC3) (Figure 1).
A Ponar grab sampler was used to collect sediment samples.
Pearson correlation analysis was applied to establish the relationships between heavy metals and sediment physiochemical properties by the software package SPSS 16.0 for Windows.
"This study will lead to better predictions of when and where rivers transport sediment, and to an understanding of how that sediment flow is affected by conservation and management efforts, such as the removal of dams," Skog said.
In the past 50 years, the process of runoff and sediment has experienced a great change with comprehensive exploitation and utilization of water resources in China [5].
Since the physical and chemical processes occurring on the sediment particle surface are microscopic processes, they need to be studied at a microscopic scale.
However, studies have also confirmed the presence of surviving "legacy" FIB in stream bottom sediment. These background organisms are a concern because the bottom sediment is resuspended, along with the FIB persisting in the sediment, during high flow conditions.
Sedimentation remains a major problem in reservoirs which not only lessens the useful life of the reservoir but also causes abrasion of turbine units; when the sediment loaded water finds its way into the power house.
Spellman helps environmental engineers, scientists, managers, and students to understand contaminated sediments in freshwater systems better.