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Synonyms for sedateness

high seriousness of manner or bearing

Synonyms for sedateness

a trait of dignified seriousness

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Why does Brown turn from a measured account of sedateness and temperance to a cartoonish account of bricklayers running up and down five-story ladders all day long?
In a summary passage distinguishing the operation of instrumental music from vocal music, Smith makes clear for the first time a key mechanism of the genuinely imitative arts, and it turns on a notion familiar from the Theory of Moral Sentiments: "It is not, as in vocal Music, in Painting, or in Dancing, by sympathy with the gaiety, the sedateness or the melancholy and distress of some other person, that instrumental Music soothes us into each of these dispositions" (EPS 198, my emphasis).
She was known for her sedateness, solemnity and distinguished position.
10) According to this report, Tomochichi was sensible to the last moment, showing "the greatest Magnanimity and Sedateness.
Prophylactic medications do have a higher likelihood of side effects such as nausea, sedateness, fatigue, and light-headedness, but there are no studies indicating the extent to which these might impact daily functioning and/or school performance in children.
In fact, this space contrasts not only meaningfully with the white church sequence as a contrast in wealth and sedateness versus poverty and "soulfulness," but also contrasts even more significantly with the other black spaces: the night club, the ghettoized streets (including those around the church itself), and the home of Nina.
And I promise you it was very different from what was happening in the West End, where the conventions were much the same as they always had been--a certain sedateness and a certain politeness.
For while MacCabe flinches intellectually from the authoritative assumptions and the narrative sedateness in biography, he has a natural talent for describing life--indeed, this may be the area in which he is least like the Godard he reveres.
The title of his recent exhibition, "The Character of the Equation," suggests the mathematical basis of the work, the predetermination that contributes to its sedateness.