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Synonyms for sedateness

high seriousness of manner or bearing

Synonyms for sedateness

a trait of dignified seriousness

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Her letter folded, sealed, and directed, and her pen wiped, and her middle finger wiped, and her desk locked up and put away, and these transactions performed with an air of severe business sedateness, which the Complete British Housewife might have assumed, and certainly would not have rounded off and broken down in with a musical laugh, as Bella did: she placed her husband in his chair, and placed herself upon her stool.
The rubber was conducted with all that gravity of deportment and sedateness of demeanour which befit the pursuit entitled
Hence the places once provided stuff to its dwellers and the whole region came out of their houses to sense beauty in an ideal haven by trespassing conventional bounds of sedateness as they dipped into the graceful nature to drink from its rejuvenated sounds and sights, are fast heading towards an inevitable end in grace and aesthetic features.
There's the hedonism of booze and gambling coupled with the sedateness of chinless aristos.
With all this excitement at high altitude, the sedateness of the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel in which we stayed was a welcome change.
At first, knowing Wilson had the leading role, I didn't want to take it seriously, but he blends the right amount of humour and sedateness that the role demands.
A sedateness, a care, an economy, an industry, took possession of them, to which there seemed to be no bounds but in their physical strength.