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a closed litter for one passenger


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3 which stands to be a unique event that will raise vital funds for the Sedan Chair Charities Fund through JustGiving.
A top highlight is the antique verni Martin French sedan chair - an extravagant portable "cabinet" in which footmen transported wealthy nobles or "dandies" from place to place.
He should have been reclining in a jewelled sedan chair or swaying along on the back of an elephant under a fierce sun.
30am and includes a sedan chair race, three stages, stalls, children's rides, toy and craft fair and the Warwickshire Band, Royal Regiment Fusiliers.
On a given signal the groups of four young men, each holding onto the ends of a bamboo sedan chair carrying an image of a local deity, leapt in turn into the chilly winter waters of a northern Taiwanese port.
However, some of the portly leader's minions are breathing a sigh of relief that plans for him to be carried along Dale Street in a sedan chair have been put on hold.
Fuel shortages and unemployment could bring the sedan chair back.
Ben Franklin, 81, rode over in a glass-walled sedan chair carried by four prisoners from the nearby Walnut Street jail.
On November 1, 1884, he set out on a 43-day 900-mile journey through southern Korea on a long-distance sedan chair in the manner of a Choson-dynasty dignitary or official.
These passages are the garden scene in Act 3, the use of a sedan chair in Acts 4 and 5, and the 'door' sequences in Act 5.
Among the attractions at this year's festival are an afternoon music hall sing-a-long, a Victorian fairground, Queen Victoria's garden party, a town crier's competition, Victorian Olympics - with Sedan chair racing - and a Victorian Ball.
If we read sirda = serdu, CAD defines sirdu as a pole for a chariot or sedan chair (S sirdu, 312-13); CDA defines serdu as a type of document or a "carrying pole" for a litter; AHw 1037 as "ein Art von Vertrag," and also a type of chair.
The ersatz masterpieces were joined by a very real Kiki Smith, resplendent in a sedan chair, looking either regal or slightly nuts.