securities analyst

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an analyst who studies the financial performance of corporations

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Emanuel Goldman, a securities analyst for Paine Webber, predicted an earnings-per-share growth rate of 16 to 17 percent for ``New Pepsi,'' the name he has coined for the post-spinoff Pepsico beverage and snack company, with a gesture to the infamous ``New Coke.
Prior to joining First of Michigan, Howard served as securities analyst at Roney & Co.
375% Senior Notes due 2016, qualified prospective investors in the Notes and securities analysts.
Holders, prospective investors and securities analysts who have already been qualified by Drummond to access the secure site have been sent the login information by email.
com) provides independent, objective ratings of securities analysts around the globe by measuring their stock-picking performance and the accuracy of their earnings forecasts.
It will target the financial community of institutional fund managers, securities analysts and merchant investment bankers who focus on biotech, agribusiness, food, chemical and other emerging sectors in this industry.
Two subcommittees of the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee held initial hearings and promised broader investigations into the circumstances surrounding Enron's collapse and the role played by Enron's top management team--including its board of directors and audit committee, its external auditors, the regulators, and outside securities analysts.
as well as to prospective investors and securities analysts who contact INVISTA to request copies and provide the information described below.
Interested holders, beneficial owners, prospective investors and securities analysts who desire to attend the conference call and have not provided contact information to INVISTA in the past should provide INVISTA with contact information no later than 5 p.
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