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someone who obtains or acquires


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In a research report, the Davos-based think tank said Blockchain could 'profoundly alter the way banks do business worldwide, lowering their operating costs and making financial services securer and more accessible.
Using Securer Folders, you can compartmentalize files that will make them accessible only to you - you can lock files using a pattern, a PIN or a biometric authentication system.
From security point of view, RFID can also be used against reproduction, combined encryption, and securer data on document, certificate, and other elements for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and their control and management [55].
Davidson, Parallels in reactionary argumentation in the US congressional debates on the abolition of slavery and the Kyoto Protocol, 86 CLIMATIC CHANGE 67, 72 (2008) (explaining it was argued in public discourse at the time that "slaves would be better off and socially securer than free people in Africa or the poor in the Northern States of the US.
Rob said: "Some companies support both encrypted and unencrypted versions, but redirect to the securer version when passwords and financial details are inputted.
or they could have ones where you draw on them" Clasp Female "I liked the Nike FuelBand clasp better than the Garmin because I knew the Nike FuelBand would be securer than the Garmin, because if I went to do something, the [band] would pop off easier" Display Male "When [the FuelBand data] appears on the screen, it only stays on a certain amount of time.
Nordic and Baltic users of video on demand service SF Anytime can enjoy securer streaming and greater Hollywood content through deployment of Axinom digital rights management with Unified Streaming software.
discourse establishment story line coalition energy second half biofuels can help to securer of the 1990s achieve energy independence and growth (peak: and security and promoters 2005/6) at the same time foster economic expansion agrarian end of biofuels stimulate a promoters the 1990s revitalisation process in (esp.
Sonus Networks Inc (Nasdaq:SONS), an enabler and securer of real-time communications, announced on Tuesday that it has updated its prior guidance for the first quarter of 2015, ending 27 March 2015.
Chapter 5, "Medley history," is on securer historical ground in arguing for the influence of The Famous Victories on the Henriad.
And we voted No because being part of something made us stronger and securer.
We, in the GCC, still deeply concerned as raging infighting and the deterioration of the security situation hampers efforts exerted to restore calm and build a securer and brighter future for Yemen," he said.
4) Towards Securer Lives: Advocacy for Social Protection for Home-based Workers in South Asia, (2007) Workshop Report, Nepal, Home-net.