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the activity of changing something (art or education or society or morality etc

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transfer of property from ecclesiastical to civil possession

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This book was a kind of response to the challenge of secularization in the modern political world.
I strongly believe that the promotion and propagation of the concept of secularization has made people (specially young people) to loose interest and faith in religion and spirituality as result of which social fabrics have been destroyed, family values are fast disappearing, age-old concepts of marriage, family, parenthood, husband/ wife, and family relationships are loosing their significance and slowly disappearing from the dictionary.
The reconciliatory reactions of the Muslim democratic Ennahda Party to the rise of the nationalist-secularist Nidaa Tounes Party in the 2014 elections were important in terms of the change of the patterns of secularization in the Islamic world in general, and the relationship between democracy and secularization in Tunisia in particular.
In short, secularization is the process of decrease of religion's influence in many spheres of social and individual life.
In the penultimate essay, "Goya: Secularization and the Aesthetics of Belief," Anthony Cascardi provides a more ambivalent and elastic view of secularization.
I define as secularization, the decline in the social significance of religion manifested by the decline in the number of religious people (individuals identifying with religion), measured by declining church attendance (Bruce 2011).
I then examine the background of the 1960s treatments of secularization among progressive Catholic writers, showing how they tended to view secular fields like the economy as neutral, autonomous, and disenchanted.
Despite this tedium, his review on the growing literature related to the sociology of religion and secularization is impressive.
Secularization processes have, in many countries, led to a new kind of social agreement: religion must limit its influence in the public sphere and be restricted to the private domain.
Presenting a gendered model of secularization, Brown (religious and cultural history, University of Dundee) examines the secularization of society as a demographic revolution in four English-speaking countries.
Throughout Western history, the processes of secularization were linked to the legacy of the Enlightenment heritage and went hand in hand with liberalization and democratization.
In the sociological section, secularization theories provide one way to interpret declining Christian affiliation in Europe and growth in the Global South through indigenization processes, which provide the background theme present throughout all the chapters.
Summary: Pope Benedict XVI appointed Boulos Matar, the Maronite bishop of Beirut, Wednesday to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, a department aimed at countering growing secularization.
This book marks an important stage in the necessary work of examining how the outpouring of gothic texts contributed to the process of secularization over the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
The Origins of Jewish Secularization in Eighteenth-Century Europe, by Shmuel Feiner, translated by Chaya Naor.