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a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations

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Social scientist Rajiv Bhargava points out that secularism "...
Prof Ahmar showed grave concerns over the erosion of secularism in India saying that Hindu nationalism was a severe threat to the secular nature of Indian state.
It should be noted that the conceptualization of secularism is missing in the text, making it difficult to make sense of the transformation of the system and the actors in Turkey.
Following the rise of Hindutva and the surge of communal politics in India in the form of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Shiv Sena, the Bajrang Dal and the Sangpariwar, erosion of secularism got an impetus.
As she goes back to the very beginning of the history of secularism, she proposes to focus more specifically on the crucial role that gender equality has played in the discourse of secularism.
He then gives a chapter each to the broader arguments for secularism and against secularism.
Thus the whole, much touted concept of "secularism" is but a big myth which is often misused or abused by the differing groups of Indian political leaders.
Secularism has for long been discussed in India primarily as a state policy towards religious groups, and the prime focus was the distance that the state needs to maintain with them.
Around the same time, a woman in Cannes was charged with defying "good morals and secularism" for wearing a head scarf to the beach.
It's the first time theorganisation has recorded a worsening of women's position in the world.Could the retreat of secularism be partly to blame?
But practically, the nature and character of secularism changes in different contexts.
Amplifying Islam in the European Soundscape: Religious Pluralism and Secularism in the Netherlands
I do not agree with the writer's definition of secularism. I do agree that we should promote inclusive policies to ensure a culture of zero discrimination.
Turkey's new constitution will retain secularism as a principle, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday, playing down comments from the parliamentary speaker who triggered a public uproar by calling for a religious national charter.
Soothing rattled nerves of secularists in Turkey, who were irked by comments the speaker of the Parliament made Monday, Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoAaAaAeAalu made reassurances Wednesday that its new constituti will guarantee secularism. The speaker, Ismail Kahraman, had appealed for a religious constitution for the Muslim-majority nation.