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Synonyms for sector

Synonyms for sector

a plane figure bounded by two radii and the included arc of a circle

a social group that forms part of the society or the economy

a particular aspect of life or activity


the minimum track length that can be assigned to store information

measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end

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Total outstanding credit extended by Oman's banking sector grew 6.7 per cent to RO25.7bn as of the end of May 2019.
In this sector 8 firms are cataloged at PSX with the paid up capital of Rs23,144.20 million.
The cell, headed by the Executive Director of NAVTTC, would comprise of a director and four deputy directors, which is mandated to ensure proactive liaison with the private sector partners, said a press release on Monday.
The industry and mining sector received a lion's share of paid loans for supplying the working capital.
by ONAThe Central Bank of Oman (CBO) has introduced many amendments to banking sector regulations to raise the available credit liquidity.
Similarly, seven commercial plots located in different commercial areas will be sold including two plots in Sector D-12 Markaz, two in Sector I-8 Markaz and three commercial plots in the Diplomatic Enclave would be also presented for auction.
According to a general manager of one of the private banks operating in the local market, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the agricultural sector should rank first among the sectors financed, then industries, followed by services, trade, governmental sectors, then, finally, household.
"The value of the transportation sector's productivity increased from Dh1.3145 billion ($357.88 million) in 2011 to 1.713 billion ($466.37 million) in 2015, an increase of Dh398.5 million ($108.49 million), which accompanied sizable growth in other production sectors in the local Emirate's economy," he stated.
The report pointed out that the two sectors of beverage and tobacco, and animal and vegetable oils and fats ranked first by (0.5%) among the sections witnessed a rise; followed by the sector of raw materials except fuels increased by (0.3%), and the sector of other goods by (0.2%), while the two sectors of manufactured goods classified by material and machinery and transport equipment increased by (0.1%) each.
Though the diminished share in production, exports and employment, the agriculture sector still retains its strategic importance for the Turkish economy in 2000s.
Muscat, Mar 1 (ONA) The total bank credit by sectors at the commercial banks in the Sultanate at the end of 2013 stood at RO 15,177.45 million, compared to RO 14,319.63 million during the same period in 2012, constituting a (5.99%) rise.The statistical bulletin released by the Research and Statistics Department at the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) pointed out that the personal loans sector stood at RO 6,080.9 million, comprising (40.1%) of the total bank credit at the commercial banks during 2013.
19601.398 million in the Home, ST&IT, Water, Roads, Building, Urban Development, Regional Development, Research & Development, Energy & Power, Higher Education, Health & Social Welfare sectors.
Russell Investments discloses this finding in a recap of Russell Index returns for 12 indexes and index sectors tracked from June 25, 2012 to May 3, 2013.
The 10 areas that received the most government support, according to the Central Statistics Department, are the construction sector, which employs 112,700 Saudis, the financial services sector, which employs 74,000 Saudis, real estate business, with 137,000 Saudis, hotels and restaurants with 23,600 Saudis, the downstream industries with134, 000 Saudis in its workforce, the retail and wholesale business with 293,800 employed Saudis, the transport, warehousing, and telecommunications sectors with 195,000, the mining industry with 88,600, and the electricity, petroleum and water sectors with 57,700 Saudis.
Spinning millers have a small chunk of export shares in the entire textile sectors of $12 billion exports, adding that any SBP initiative will be incomplete without the representation of value-added textile sector.