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The new sectors aim to meet the growing housing need in Islamabad.
In Korea, McKinsey Global Institute found retail sector labor productivity was only 32 percent of the U.
government, or meet investors or other business people in the technology sector to help them grow their business.
Federal retrenchment--the growing federal deficit will continue to impact resources available to the nonprofit sector at the federal, state and local level.
Can the private sector move the federal mining research labs from Ottawa to Sudbury?
Promoting public engagement in the community and the voluntary sector, and linking the voluntary sector with business and government;
Los Angeles Councilman (and current MTA Chairman) Hal Bernson has already expressed strong support for some elements of the sector concept.
In 1977 and 1978, however, tourism became a primary focus of economic liberalization, with the creation of mixed sector companies in the industry.
The private sector group, led by Ken Bosch of Colorado, was given two years to develop:
Readers should interpret the study's findings knowing that data in the private rehabilitation sector had some inherent limitations: (1) wide variation in the definitions of rehabilitation terms; (2) differences in the ways costs and outcomes are measured; and (3) variation from state to state in workers' compensation laws and regulations.
Recessionary implications: The significance of these developments in the service sector is that they are ongoing, not cyclical.
Further, those already established in the investment casting business are relatively isolated from new competition because of the high capital investment required in plant and equipment, accelerating technical costs and the long vendor and product approval process necessary to participate in the aerospace sector.
To date, the country's strong economic performance has been driven largely by its natural resources sector.
In other words, today's corporate sector in Japan is actually a net supplier of funds to both the banking system and capital markets to the tune of [yen] 30 trillion per year or 6 percent of GDP.
OTTAWA -- The non-profit sector relies heavily on temporary and part time employees as a means to cope with financial uncertainty and instability on a yearly basis says a recently released report on job quality in the non-profit sector.