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divide into sections, especially into geographic sections

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Whereas, during the Revolution, Americans blamed Europe for their own moral failings, New Englanders in the antebellum years projected their self-criticisms onto the South and, in effect, sectionalized immorality.
The classical JOA approach to machine design is based on a sectionalized frame and drive construction with modular subassemblies according to process and product requirements.
In both his recordings Tamminga makes very judicious use of registral changes; that is to say that in sectionalized pieces he employs them logically (as in the Capriccio sopra ut re mi fa sol la) but also with an unusual degree of subtlety (try the Toccata quarta per l'Elevazione, one of the most satisfying interpretations here), while in others (for instance in the Capriccio di durezze or the Toccata di durezze e legature) he eschews them altogether.
Sectionalized and replaceable water-cooled conveying surfaces, either abrasion resistant or stainless steel, are said to efficiently transfer hot materials without deformation.
The appalling prospect of unfree labor in the western territories began the transition from a healthy interparty discussion over the economic wisdom of manifest destiny to a sectionalized argument over slavery extension.
Lehr describes well the constituent elements of Stephan's music, which is strongly thematic and highly sectionalized.
Part one is an expanded version of a lecture, translated from German, containing the survey; part two contains the sectionalized bibliography relating to the topics covered in the lecture.
The second conveyor belt, sectionalized in footlong segments, drops each piece off in the right cart, where it is trucked to the proper local post office.
Products were sectionalized, making it easy for Danish shoppers to find meat, poultry, fish or whatever else they were looking for, and vegetables were displayed in see-through polybags to enhance their appeal.
The combination of easy-to-operate CNC and sectionalized, quick-change tooling made the machine much easier to set up and run.
Some detail largely gathered from post-1972 publications, listed in the short but helpfully sectionalized bibliography, is updated; other facts, such as Philippe de Monte's prodigious output--in fact, over 1,100 madrigals, significantly more than the entire corpus of English madrigals--and Lassus' supposed kidnap to Italy, remain inaccurate.
This workhorse also features a sectionalized boom bridge that can be adjusted to accommodate digging depths up to 12 feet when using the trench cleaner or short restraint bar or up to 16 feet when the longer restraint bar is in place.
The book contains a sectionalized bibliography but no index.
Here, I find the sectionalized approach a bit pedantic and disorganized--short sections follow one another, listing the critic's response to Chou's works within a particular geographical locale--and the reception tends to focus on early works such as Landscapes and And the Fallen Petals.
In a series of heavily (and helpfully) sectionalized chapters that move from Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics through the Church Fathers, Late Antique commentators, early medieval encyclopaedists to the Carolingian mission and finally to pre-Conquest England, Irvine works to show that grammatica is not a self-contained body of knowledge but what he terms a 'constitutive discipline', the primary shaper of a culture that is essentially textual (characterized by the dominance of the written) and of a literate subjectivity.