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a partiality for some particular place

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9) In the age of Brexit and serious (if still implausible) secessionist talk in the United States, (10) renewed anxiety about the divisive power of sectionalism haunts renewed excitement about the governance possibilities of regionalism.
It is the playwright who is speaking through mother earth to Nigerian leaders to sink ethnocentric attitudes, greed and sectionalism to realise the genuine dreams of the Nigerian founding fathers.
The quarter century prior to the Civil War mirrors the particular challenge of leadership in a nation splintering under the hammer blows of slavery and sectionalism.
All of the (appropriate) examples of narrowness and sectionalism come from waged or trade-union members, while there is a rather patronizing characterization of the unemployed and workers from oppressed communities as seemingly immune from forms of narrowness and sectionalism.
It did because federal power remained relatively limited, because the states remained relatively autonomous, and because the sectionalism that grew following the Constitutional Convention's compromise over slavery, to ensure union, impeded the federal-state collusion that would follow the New Deal.
Representing The Florida Bar, he believed the attorney members of the commission would "rise above sectionalism and personal philosophies" and felt certain all Floridians "may look with confidence to the destiny of our state.
sectarianism, provincialism constitutionalism and sectionalism.
Moreover, as Johnson clearly shows, the great enterprise could not avoid tariffs, the politics of sectionalism, bitter debates over western extension, and the Cotton Kingdom's dependency on economic and political forces beyond its borders.
Will his example live on and inspire future generations or will sectionalism take over leading to dissent, confusion and stagnation?
The reader encounters familiar developments, crises, and events: sectionalism and the Civil War, industrialization and labor history, urbanization, the Great Depression and New Deal, World War II, the Cold War, liberalism and the counterculture, and the more recent rise of conservatism.
With the rise of communism, fascism, and national socialism in Europe, to say nothing of "the Rooseveltian consolidating program," the neglected and long discredited sectionalism of a bygone age might yet prove the best, and perhaps the only, antidote to tyranny.
Between North and South: Delaware, Desegregation, and the Myth of American Sectionalism.
From that position he integrated New South business concepts and Lost Cause sectionalism while claiming Southern Baptist religious triumphalism.
Published in Marxism Today, it opened up a major debate on trade union sectionalism, Labour's declining electoral support, and the party's future.