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a laborer assigned to a section gang

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At about the same time the Ukhahlamba municipality's health section handed in a report saying the water quality was compromised by malfunctioning infrastructure, with water quality well below standard since October last year.
Although each country still has seven matches left, France's win over the team expected to be their toughest opposition in the section hands Didier Deschamps' side a huge advantage.
During Ramadan, for example, the cleanliness section handed out roughly 3,800 keep-it-clean brochures in multiple languages to the public.
Representing the Endowment Development Department in AMAF, the Endowment Banks Section handed over a cheque for the earmarked amount to the Ministry of Health and Prevention for the purchase of advanced medical equipment to serve a wide range of patient needs, especially in diagnosis and radiography.
Students should practice each section hands separately first before they put hands together.