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Synonyms for sectarian

Synonyms for sectarian

a person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

Synonyms for sectarian

a member of a sect

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belonging to or characteristic of a sect

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While Judean groups resemble associations in their involvement in social networking, Harland's misunderstanding of the sectarian nature of the Christian groups (reformist groups within Israel but pushed to the margins) and of the dilemma they faced (critical of society yet intent on mission and recruitment) has kept him from assessing the details that dramatically differentiate these Christian groups and their ambiguous relation to the social order from Greco-Roman clubs and their positive involvement in the various institutions and social networks of the empire.
Transformed by the millenarian zeal shared by seventeenth-century parliamentarians, Puritan sectarians rejected both the world and the Word as mere signs, doubting their capacity to represent the real.
His contention that the reformers' desire to preserve religion explains their equivocating deferral of reality to the next world, a deferral evidenced by Puritan rejection of seventeenth-century sectarian millenarianism, discounts their conviction that their hermeneutic practices - themselves derived from Scripture - uncovered "the truth" of God's word.
Granted, in part the difference is only a matter of choosing sides in a debate: Ultraleftists and sectarians are the people who disagree with you.
As the marchers approached the auditorium where the rally would be held, we had to run a gauntlet of literature tables staffed by sectarian parties.
Besides, as Isserman points out, the arid scholasticism of the Old Left sectarians left most young activists cold.