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a narrow-minded adherence to a particular sect or party or denomination

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The real roots of sectarianism don't lie within football grounds but within communities.
Police said last week they will continue to crack down on individuals who use social media to spread sectarianism and hate speech.
He highlighted the conformity of stances of the government and the people on thwarting exploitation of the democratic atmosphere for political sectarianism or employing the sectarian card in politics to threaten social peace.
Sectarianism is also exploited by and emboldened by nefarious non-state actors who wreak havoc across ungoverned expanses," Baird said as he addressed the Manama Dialogue in the Bahraini capital.
He urged Ulema and Mashaikh to play their role in eliminating sectarianism and spread the message of peace and tranquility in the society.
Labour's justice spokesman Graeme Pearson accepted sectarianism was an issue.
In Kurdistan, sectarianism was not much of a concern, but corruption was "a big concern," Zutic noted.
LAHORE -- Miscreants involved in spreading sectarianism and they will not escape from punishment without considering their affiliation with any party or group.
Najaf / NINA /--The Special Envoy of the General-Secretary of the U N , Martin Kobler admitted that the situation in Iraq is very difficult, recommending Iraqi political dignitaries for adapt dialogue and be away from violence and reject sectarianism.
Sectarianism, Death and Art How does a ginger with a dead crow in his mouth communicate sectarianism?
The Ibrox chief said last night that he "deplores" racism and sectarianism, while accusing the organisation of a "knee-jerk reaction".
Sham'on and, in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station talk show, characterized religious-sectarianism as the principle epidemic afflicting Lebanon; he attributed local identification with outside non-Lebanese interests to sectarianism.
We deal with sectarianism as if it were a shameful matter, a birth defect that must be masked and denied, a crippled child kept in a secluded room and whose cries embarrass us in front of the guests.
The statement added that the Summit will make Arab destiny issues closer away from sectarianism.
But this is not the case in Lebanon," according to former Speaker Hussein Husseini, who expresses hope that a new parliamentary electoral law can be drafted and approved to pave the way for the abolition of political sectarianism, and a more representative political class.