secretory phase

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the second half of the menstrual cycle after ovulation

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In our study, the most common finding was secretory phase, seen in 22 (30.
NK cells in the circulating peripheral blood during the secretory phase of individuals with unexplained infertility have not been documented.
PR-A and PR-B are co-expressed in normal endometrium and change along with the menstrual cycle, which constantly rise in the proliferating phase to peak in its later period, decline in the secretory phase, and only have low expressions in the late secretory phase and the early proliferating phase.
Conclusion: On premenstrual endometrial biopsy, secretory phase was the most common finding.
12 Inadequate proliferative and secretory phase in recognized by disparity between endometrial pattern observed expected from the time of cycle.
The proliferative phase of the uterus is due to the high levels of estradiol found during the follicular phase, whereas the secretory phase is due to the high levels of progesterone and estradiol characteristic of the luteal phase.
p27 staining was observed in the nuclei of the glandular cells in the functional layer of the secretory phase endometrium, whereas it was negative in those of the proliferative phase.
Moreover, research with different techniques has demonstrated that (a) the endometrial production of urocortin increases throughout the endometrial cycle and is highest in the secretory phase, (b) ovarian steroids stimulate urocortin secretion from cultured endometrial cells, and (c) urocortin induces endometrial cell decidualization (5).
With the delay in circadian phase and the delay in the melatonin secretory phase that accompany puberty, preadolescents and adolescents in particular "are under enormous physiological pressure to delay their sleep cycle"--to stay awake until late at night and to rise late in the morning.
The endometrium goes through a radical transformation during each menstrual cycle, which can be divided into three parts: the proliferative phase, the secretory phase, and the menstrual phase.
16] Study by Lande RG, and Karamchandani V where exacerbation of chronic mental illness is compared with phases of menstruation established a relation between late secretory phase and precipitation of symptoms, which may lead to suicidal attempts.
The first sample was taken on the 2nd day of onset of menstruation (menstrual phase), the second sample was taken during the 12th day of proliferative phase, and the third sample was collected during the 22nd day of secretory phase.
Immunohistochemical staining of apelin in eutopic endometrium of both groups were dominant in secretory phase (p<0.
The number of small, round epithelial cells gradually increased after menstruation and was significantly higher in the secretory phase (Fig.
18) Sadia Khan reported, proliferative phase was most common histological pattern followed by secretory phase.