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In most endocrine cells, the hormones are contained in secretory granules that, in response to a series of cellular mechanisms culminating with an increase in the intracellular [Ca.sup.2+] levels, fuse with the cell membrane and release the hormone molecules.
This lack of a distinct separate early phase of insulin from perifused human pancreatic islets [16, 17] as well as from perifused human EndoC-[beta]H1 pseudoislets can be interpreted as an indication of a quick replenishment of insulin secretory granules from the reserve granule pool, before the rapidly releasable pool at the docking sites below the plasma membrane is depleted.
Most proinsulin was processed while it passes Golgi apparatus to secretory granules and secreted into blood circulation as insulin.
Calcium-dependent exocytosis in an in vitro secretory granule plasma membrane preparation from sea urchin eggs and the effects of some inhibitors of cytoskeletal function.
Rindler, "Incorporation of the pancreatic membrane protein GP-2 into secretory granules in exocrine but not endocrine cells," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Probes for proteoglycan 1, secretory granule (PRG1) and Cyclin B2 (CCNB2), were selected for amplification and radioactive labeling, as they were differentially regulated based on the microarray results.
The ultrastructure of secretory granules was heterogeneous and substructures were
Secretory cells can be classified into 6 types (A, B, C, D, E, F) in accordance with the shapes and ultrastructural characteristics of secretory granule.
Further, a relationship of the secretory granules identified by the electron microscopy has also been demonstrated (Ciocca et al., 1979).
The epididymis in these animals was regressed: the epithelial cells lining the corpus were flattened and not secreting without spermatozoa and secretory granules in the lumen (Figure 2(b)).
To kill microbes, bactericide agents that are localized in the neutrophil secretory granules are released into the formed phagosomes and outwards [1].
Additionally, the gland cells consisted of a serous and irregular cone shape, and the cytoplasm was rich in red-stained secretory granules; the nucleus was round or oval, located in the basal part of the cell, and one or several nucleus were prominent (Fig.
VAMP8 is one of the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor (SNARE) proteins, which are required when exocrine glands release secretory granules [7].
Cesbron-Delauw, "Toxoplasma secretory granules: one population or more?" Trends in Parasitology, vol.
Importantly, granule contents are also released according to a hierarchy, with secretory granules being the most readily exocytosed and azurophil granules only undergoing partial exocytosis [38].