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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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Among the secretor phenotype-positive rotavirus patients, no blood group antigen nor P or G genotypes (in feces specimens) were significantly overrepresented.
4) and it also resolves confusions to help determine, in the testing of body fluids, if an individual is a Secretor, Non-Secretor or a combination of both.
The purpose of this study has been to identify those naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungi which are high secretors and thus possess high potential for enzymatic pathogenesis.
Ainda nessa fase, verifica-se, tambem, a inatividade dos ductos secretores, os quais perdem o epitelio secretor.
1982), uma menor producao de leite em novilhas de leite que possuem maiores ganhos de peso ate a puberdade e causada pela menor quantidade de parenquima, tecido secretor presente na glandula mamaria e pelos efeitos negativos que a deposicao de gordura e obesidade causam no desempenho da glandula mamaria.
Several proteins (midkine, interleukin 4, p18, 18 kDa phosphoprotein, SUMO-protein ligase PIAS2, abhydrolase bundle transporter protein, the precursor of usher, tet oncogene family member 2 isoform b, twinfilin-1, SUMO-protein ligase PIAS2, prolactin secretor hormone receptor, protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 12A, never in mitosis gene a (NIMA)-related kinase, mitochondrial protein, mitochondria) actin binding protein 1) in our proteomic analyses represent an important step to elucidate how Ankaferd regulates cell cycle and other biological actions of the tumor tissue.
This seminar provides training in personalized nutrition determination using blood grouping, secretor status, epigenetic indicators, dermatoglyphics and biometrics.
10) Tradução livre: Universities to date have been places where the rewards to individuals for the creation of knowledge have flowed from its diffusion rather than from keeping it a secretor placing a price on it.
whether the perpetrator was a secretor or a non-secretor of genetic
Roshchina describes autoflorescence of secretor cells as a phenomenon, autoflorescence of specialized secretor cells, florescence of secretions and their individual components, autoflorescence of secretor cells during their development, florescence of living cells at intercellular contacts, auto florescence in cellular diagnostics, and individual components of secretions as florescence dyes and probes.
The SF is also the major secretor of hyaluronic acid and other molecules into the joint space itself, providing lubrication to the joint surface as well as signaling functions to the joint tissues.
Again the letter was clean of fingerprints but saliva tests from the envelope seal revealed the sender was a blood group B secretor ( the same rare group as the killer of Joan Harrison, murdered in Preston in 1975 and for whom the letter-writer claimed the Ripper was responsible.
This also had no fingerprints on it but forensic examination of saliva found on the envelope revealed that whoever licked it was a blood group B secretor - a relatively rare group and the same as the man who had sex with Joan Harrison before her death.
At his trial, her identification was corroborated by a state forensic scientist, Timothy Dixon, who falsely told the jury that semen recovered from Crowell could have come only from a "type B secretor," which Dotson was.
Other groups came from two bacteria, one secretor and one cheater, and thus exhibited a more even mix of secretors and cheaters.