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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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F: Sistema vascular envolto por bainha esclerenquimatica (Be), com arranjo em anel encerrando um feixe acessorio na medula (seta), notar a ocorrencia de ducto secretor (D) na porcao central.
Individuals could be classified as 'secretors' and 'nonsecretors'according to their ability to secrete ABO blood group antigens in saliva [6] ABO blood group antigens (A, B, and H), in addition to their presence on blood cells and platelets, are also present on other tissue cells and are variably expressed through body fluids, such as saliva, tears, semen, urine, gastric juice, and breast milk, depending on whether the individual possesses the secretor gene or not, the inherited A, B, O genes,and Lewis blood group system [7]
Genotype at the secretor blood group locus is a determinant of plasma VWF level.
Sin embargo, el endotelio es el principal organo secretor y encontramos concentraciones fisiologicas en sangre de dicho peptido en el humano (2 a 3,5 pM), lo que sugiere efectos importantes sobre la vasculatura (1).
Secretor status, candidal carriage and candidal infection in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Of note, the HBGA binding profile is P genotype-dependent (4), and rotavirus infection correlates with the secretor and partial secretor phenotype (i.
Relationship between ABO and Secretor genotype with plasma levels of factor VIII and von Willebrand factor in thrombosis patients and control individuals.
Grado I: meningiomas benignos (8590 %), que incluye el miningoendotelial, el fibroblastico, el transicional o mixto, el psamomatoso, el angiomatoso, el microquistico secretor, el linfoplasmocitico y el metaplasico.
communis, initially, three regions can be verified: the first is made up of hypodermic layer presenting from cuboids to cylindrical cells and two layers of isodiametric cells inside this hypoderm, both presenting phenolic content, where volumous secretor idioblasts are immersed into; the second with a variable number of layers of isodiametric cells, most of them with phenolic content; and the third, more internally located, with around three little layers of isodiametric cells, vacuolated and with evident nucleus (Figures 2A and 2C).
48) Moreover, a non-secretor or low secretor genotype is reported to be associated with severe outcome in premature babies, (49) while a secretor genotype is highly associated with colonization by Bifidobacterium.
Esto quiere decir que su prolongado contacto con los tejidos bucales induce una variedad de respuestas a traves del sistema inmune secretor local y el sistemico.
Al confirmar la presencia de hiperaldosteronismo, se toma tomografia axial computarizada que muestra imagen redondeada del brazo medial de la glandula suprarrenal izquierda que en el contexto clinico podria corresponder a un adenoma secretor (Figura 1).
Objective ABO blood group and secretor status is valuable in relation to some diseases in clinical and forensic medicine.
Upon the basis sharper long stalk is projected, with reduced number of elongated cells close to the apex, delimiting the pore secretor of water on its extremity (Figure 3C and D).