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Synonyms for secretiveness

Synonyms for secretiveness

characterized by a lack of openness (especially about one's actions or purposes)

the trait of keeping things secret

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The Soviets denied this request based on their lack of trust of the North Vietnamese and Moscow's frustration at North Vietnamese secretiveness about their military operations.
For some supervisors, trusting employees may involve an uncomfortable leap of faith, especially in organizations that have developed a culture of control and secretiveness.
Mrs Stoddart said: "Once again, Pembrokeshire County Council's (PCC) much-criticised cosy culture of secretiveness has laid it open to the charge of questionable spending at the taxpayers' expense.
Tell-tale warning signs include withdrawal, secretiveness, costly new possessions, and inexplicably large sums of cash.
Activists contend that secretiveness provides little incentive for others to comply on labor codes.
When they befriend Kai, another teen, they are intrigued by his casual attitude and secretiveness about his obvious access to unspoiled water.
Samira, who fondly describes her son as "full of life and a moralist through and through," concedes that his one flaw was his secretiveness.
Still, despite some of the recent progress in transparency, "the secretiveness element" in new development is still a problem, said Kevin Brown, a senior vice president at Sotheby's International Realty.
There was the sinister secretiveness to the dealings with booksellers - a variant form of a gentleman's agreement about what could and couldn't be sold.
We aren't even sure who's being talked about in some of them, and so, while a confessional tone imbues the entire work--what Ed White aptly calls its "reckless candor" in a blurb--a strange secretiveness keeps the reader at one remove, as if the book-buyer is eavesdropping on someone in the confessional, or reading something meant for other people, not himself.
Secretiveness, corrupt practices and wrongdoing are discouraged by the perception of a "watchdog" press.
Taking issue with Pintard's and Mandrou's contention that secretiveness and duplicity characterize libertin writing, Van Damme claims that it is the tension between the desire for publication and the practises of dissimulation which shape libertin texts, both in their form and content.
There was secretiveness and deception on top of that," she told the Chilcot inquiry which is examining Britain's role in the war and its aftermath, Reuters reported.
Little prepared for the life that awaits, Cale's secretiveness and unmatched ability to kill overshadow his virtues and leave the reader thinking of a certain Anakin Skywalker - and his ultimate fate.
The diplomats who described the timeline said there was much about Iran's nuclear program that intelligence agencies and the Vienna-based UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) were ignorant about because of Tehran's secretiveness.