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Synonyms for secrete

Synonyms for secrete

to put or keep out of sight

Synonyms for secrete

generate and separate from cells or bodily fluids

place out of sight

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LH-secreting adenomas have been found to be associated with high testicular volume and supranormal testosterone levels and 70%-100% of non-functional adenomas secrete free subunits that exhibit no biological activity (15).
Nonmetastatic tumors secrete a protein called prosaposin, which inhibits metastasis by causing production of factors that block the growth of blood vessels.
PSA-SCs were detected in 15 patients, and a subset of these SCs also secreted FGF2, suggesting that a significant fraction of DTC may secrete a factor potentially relevant to their outgrowth.
The most common secreting adenomas are prolactinomas (Serri, Chik, Ur, & Ezzat, 2003), which secrete the hormone prolactin.
They can secrete growth hormone, LH, TSH, or other key hormones, and this will change the clinical picture.
I hypothesized that the electrical conductivity of the fungus would be higher when it grew under intense illumination, because it would be adaptive for the fungus in its natural environment to secrete greater quantities of digestive enzymes when more light fuels photosynthesis in the plants on which the fungus grows.
Under the growth conditions used by the investigators, a surprisingly, high number of insulin-secreting cells developed in tissue culture from undifferentiated stem cells, and were shown to secrete high levels of insulin into the growth medium.
The rise in blood sugar after a meal stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin, a hormone that enables the sugar to enter muscle and fat cells, where it is stored or burned for energy.
The tiny wasps are said to be harmless to people and everything but the psyllids, which infect trees and secrete a sticky substance that messes up cars and sidewalks.
Pituitary tumors that secrete hormones take the name of the hormone they secrete and the ending-oma.
In a related work, Bunge and her colleagues tested Schwann cells genetically modified to secrete brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which allowed nerve fibers to cross a completely cut spinal cord.
Gastrin normally circulates in the blood, causing the stomach to secrete enough acid needed for digestion.
Active suppression" works this way: T-cells that have been sensitized by the MBP stamped "okay" by the digestive system will secrete a chemical called "transforming growth factor beta" or TGFBeta when they see MBP again.
elegans has nerve cells that ordinarily secrete bioactive molecules contained within tiny membrane-wrapped bundles, called dense-core vesicles.