secretary bird

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large long-legged African bird of prey that feeds on reptiles

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Key words: trachea, stenosis, inflammation, resection, anastomosis, foreign body, avian, secretary bird, Sagittarius serpentarius
A 24-year-old female secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) was presented with acute open-mouth breathing whenever food items were swallowed.
The secretary bird was anesthetized as described previously.
THEATRE: Robert Duncan from Drop the Dead Donkey stars in William Douglas Home's classic comedy The Secretary Bird in which a husband agrees to offer grounds for his wife's divorce demand by spending a night with his secretary.
The season continues on August 7 with the next offering - The Secretary Bird by William Douglas Home.
Over 150 different species of birdlife can be found at Imire, including raptors such as the snake eagle, martial eagle and African hawk eagle and water birds such as the fish eagle, green-backed heron, grey heron and kingfishers, plus secretary birds and saddle-billed storks.
The choice of animals is also interesting, as I wouldn't have expected a section on chimpanzees in a book on predators, and I knew nothing about secretary birds (far scarier than their name suggests
We spotted herons, secretary birds and even some exotic butterflies, which flew in and out of our open-top truck.
The two-level enclosure will have a stream, waterfall, and open grassy area in which you'll see a small herd of common zebras and Thompson's gazelles, as well as ostriches, African geese, and a pair of secretary birds (a land-bound, fierce-eyed bird of prey).
and midnight on NATGEO) Mongooses, cheetahs, secretary birds, Mongolian wolves, foxes and polar bears are featured in the opener of this series following predatory creatures in the wild.