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Synonyms for secret agent

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When asked what's the one thing a secret agent should keep in mind, Rituraj said," He should never share any information with anyone because you can never know who else may also be in disguise.
Secret Agent 00K9, is an animated action adventure series written by award winning animation producer Brian Neil Hoff featuring a spy dog biped existing in animal-human fantasy world.
Michael Schoenhals's portrayal of the secret agent system is informative and comprehensive.
For now, though, our Secret Agent is back for another run, and helping folk struggling to sell their homes.
Every kid wishes for the glamorous, exciting adventures that only those with secret agent parents seem to have -- and that's just what Bug (code name) gets.
Property expert Phil Spencer is back in his role as Secret Agent, helping stressed home-owners who are struggling to flog their houses in a stagnant property market.
1 AUSTIN POWERS (1997) THE first in a series of adventures for a 1960s secret agent who finds himself in the modern world trying to stop Dr Evil.
In Somalia, an attempt by French commandos to rescue a secret agent from France held hostage since 2009 has ended in failure.
Andrey Kehayov, former head of the Bulgarian Medical Association (2002-2008) has been exposed as a former secret agent of the country's totalitarian State Security.
25pm A bumbling chauffeur steps in to take the place of a secret agent injured in an explosion.
The secret agent, currently portrayed by Daniel Craig in the 007 franchise, beat the world's fastest man, Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt, to the top of AskMen.
AGENT GARBO: THE BRILLIANT, ECCENTRIC SECRET AGENT WHO TRICKED HITLER AND SAVED D-DAY provides a fine political biography of a self-made secret agent who tackled the Third Reich and saved thousands of American lives.
Recent terrorist attacks--from the Unabomber to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the spate of political bombings around the world that has followed 9/11--have stirred interest in The Secret Agent in the decade of its centennial, though as Tanya Agathocleous argues, "With its conspirational plot and cynical outlook, The Secret Agent arguably sheds more light on the logic of those who believe that the American government staged the World Trade Center attacks in order to further its own agenda than it does on the psychology of the 9/11 terrorists.
THE title - Phil Spencer: Secret Agent - might suggest the property guru has found an unlikely second career as an international man of mystery.
Unfortunately for the snazzy secret agent, Dr Evil manages to step back in time first - and steals the sex symbol''s ''mojo''.