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Synonyms for secret agent

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5 TRUE LIES (1994) ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER keeps his secret agent lifestyle away from his family life until they are put in danger.
Kehayov was recruited as a secret agent in 1988, a year before the collapse of the Communist regime, at the age of 22.
A power-mad Persian cat plots to sabotage the invention in his battle for world domination, but a heroic puppy joins a force of canine secret agents to foil his schemes.
According to the website editors, Ian Fleming's secret agent character "has always fit right in with the times", adding that "James Bond has been influencing men for six decades, and he's not done yet.
The results of his efforts were shown on Secret Agent on Friday night.
My son thinks I'm a spy, going off and making a show called Secret Agent," says Phil, "but it's me going round areas of the country that have a stagnant property market - and there's plenty of those at the moment - and trying to invigorate the market and stimulate it by helping buyers and sellers do deals.
Summary: Rowan Atkinson is back, as comically flawed secret agent Johnny English in a sequel to the 2003 spy spoof.
No longer a secret agent herself, Miller will assume a larger organizational role and, as the network of agents grows, more day-brightening will be perpetrated upon the unsuspecting public.
A secret agent from the department contacted him as a buyer, and they agreed upon a deal of Dh37,000 for the drugs.
According to the book, the GSDF officer had been in contact since 1969 with Kim Dong Un, a first secretary at the South Korean Embassy in Tokyo who was a KCIA secret agent.
has collected these stories on the enduring popularity of the secret agent and how these iconic figures continue to capture the public imagination nearly two decades after the end of the Cold War.
Although some people find Conrad a little daunting, The Secret Agent is a real page-turner of a thriller.
Her father is a secret agent for the FBI and her mother recently accepted a job with the local St.
Not quite the sexy position as a secret agent, but definitely spy-adjacent and possibly involving travel to exotic locations such as Afghanistan and Sudan.