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Synonyms for occupation

Synonyms for occupation

the holding of something, such as a position

Synonyms for occupation

the control of a country by military forces of a foreign power

any activity that occupies a person's attention

Related Words

the act of occupying or taking possession of a building

the period of time during which a place or position or nation is occupied

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Table above shows different combination of income women earn from their both primary and secondary occupation. Income of the women is dependent on their level of education, nature of job.
Perceived rainfall pattern in the last 15 yrs Consistent and predictable Consideration of agriculture Primary occupation 8 (9%) as primary or secondary Secondary occupation 3 (6%) activity with respect to alt.
It has led to a number of changes in the category of the farmers, utilization of compensation amount by the land owners, and changes in the categories and income of primary and secondary occupation. It is evident from the discussions quoted above, that each table that land acquisition was for the public purpose in the interest of the nation.
It was however, found that none of the variables (number of years joined (b = 20.818); annual income from primary occupation (b = 0.000); annual income from secondary occupation (b = 0.000); savings in WUGs (b = 0.004), and monthly bank saving (b = 0.007) were not significant with the resources accessibility among the members of WUGs.
Moonlighters both in 'craft' and 'plant' are mostly associated with 'skill' category for their secondary occupation. Thus those workers who opt for different occupation for moonlight, to investigate the spillover effect may be an interesting future research agenda.
Secondary occupation training rises as markets thicken from relatively thin positions, that is, if and only if
SOR = secondary occupation of respondent (SOR = 1 if respondent has other occupation apart from crop farming and 0 if otherwise);
Table 7, which reports on the secondary occupation, provides further confirmation of this fact.
Is your secondary occupation related to health or fitness?
Throughout his life Picasso needed a secondary occupation, away from the mainstream of easel painting but related to it: theater design, writing, sculpture, ceramics.