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education beyond the elementary grades

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He said that the central education board would work under the supervision of provincial Elementary and Secondary Education Department.
Children cannot turn their back on the knowledge and skills secondary education is likely to give for other attractions, however compelling.
I want the President to come out clearly and state what he meant by free primary and secondary education.
These changes are aimed at promoting the diversification of the curriculum, the development of key competences and, consequently, the decreasing in dropout and repetition rates by making secondary education more relevant and attractive to young Brazilians.
Applauding the UOB's efforts Secretary Secondary Education Abdul Fatah Bhangar thanked the UOB and said the agreement will help to revamp educational activities in deprived schools of Quetta.
benefits is a key consideration for countries seeking to boost development through secondary education.
The data presented in the table is evidence of the importance of social and economic factors in an analysis of secondary education attainment for African Americans and Whites in 1940 (Rury and Hill 2012).
In an era when budget cuts are forcing many schools to slash all but the most essential programs, the widespread introduction of philosophy to secondary education seems like an unnecessary burden.
Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced President Bush's intention to designate Under Secretary of Education Gene Hickok to be acting deputy secretary of education and Ronald Tomalis to be acting assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education.
With the computations described below it is possible to obtain government per-student expenditure on pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary education taken together, i.
Second, post secondary education services will be provided.
The Title One Reading program began in 1965 when Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), a compensatory education program designed to provide extra help to students having difficulty in reading and/or math.
That the longstanding structural barriers between primary and secondary education helped perpetuate divisions among social classes is a familiar theme, and to this Day adds an account of how technical education's champions sought to preserve its separate institutional identity.
VALENCIA - Valencia High School Principal Paul Priesz has been appointed to a two-year term on the state Secondary Education Committee and will represent a region that covers 56 school districts from Southern California.
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