secondary amenorrhea

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cessation of menstruation in a woman who had previously menstruated

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The most common underlying cause of secondary amenorrhea is pregnancy.
When evaluating a woman with secondary amenorrhea, a positive family history may inform the differential diagnosis.
She described severe vaginal bleeding after 3 months of secondary amenorrhea.
Females who over-train, for instance, can disrupt their menstrual cycle, causing delayed menarche, a shortened luteal phase, and secondary amenorrhea.
The approved ANDA is for the generic of Abbott Laboratories' Prometrium[R] capsules indicated for the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia and secondary amenorrhea.
A 33-year-old nulligravid woman presented to her gynecologist after experiencing 5 months of secondary amenorrhea following discontinuation of oral contraceptives.
CRINONE/PROCHIEVE 4% is indicated for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea.
A prospective observational study of 229 patients compared 111 adolescents with oligomenorrhea and 118 with secondary amenorrhea.
Friedman said 10% had primary amenorrhea attributable to anorexia nervosa, and 90% had secondary amenorrhea.
Pronounced gynecomastia, atrophic testes, and/or hair loss in young men may indicate steroid use, as may secondary amenorrhea, hirsutism, and/or clitoral hypertrophy in athletic or weight-conscious young women.
That's because dancers who develop secondary amenorrhea (no menses for at least three months) can lose 4 percent of their bone mass annually for the next three or four years, setting them up for stress fractures.
The product is indicated for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea due to a decrease in progesterone as well as in conjunction with estrogen-containing medications in postmenopausal women with a uterus.
The addition of these products for infertility and secondary amenorrhea marks an important step toward broadening Watson's treatment categories in women's health," said Paul Bisaro, Watson's President and Chief Executive Officer.
In addition, reversal of secondary amenorrhea occurred in 19 of 26 female participants, and 4 became pregnant--2 naturally and 2 by in vitro fertilization, said Dr.