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Synonyms for second-guess

attempt to anticipate or predict

evaluate or criticize with hindsight

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16, they are not going to do what the Department of Justice is doing -- which is second-guessing honorable men in a firefight," Connolly added.
Clarifying questions help protect the rights of the suspect by ensuring that he gets an attorney if he wants one, and will minimize the chance of a confession being suppressed due to subsequent judicial second-guessing as to the meaning of the suspect's statement regarding counsel.
Any comments I make about homilies, judgmentally, put me in the position of a grandstand spectator second-guessing the coach.
Because the SPW HSDPA library was developed from active participation in the standardization process and with many years of experience developing 3G UMTS/WCDMA models, second-guessing of written standards proposals is eliminated.
But the initial news of the arrests spurred a two-day firestorm on talk radio and enough official second-guessing of embattled MPD Chief Arthur Jones that Jones called Mayor John O.
If a subordinate is second-guessing you or double checking your directives with a peer, it's imperative that you confront the employee, says John S.
Because making decisions with instant knowledge based on what is happening now always beats second-guessing after the game is over.
There will be some sentimentality but no second-guessing on the part of Phil Jackson when the New York Knicks come to Staples Center on Wednesday, an alternate-reality game for Jackson if ever there was one.
Parents around the world send their children to school every day without second-guessing that the food they eat will be safe.
You're telling us Gillick would rather come out of semi-retirement and submit himself to the inhumane second-guessing of the vile Philadelphia sports landscape?
Owens, 24, has left the White Sox little room for second-guessing the February trade in which he was acquired from the Washington Nationals organization for Alex Escobar.
In today's filing, we left no room for second-guessing.