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Synonyms for second-guess

attempt to anticipate or predict

evaluate or criticize with hindsight

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The figures reveal a conundrum: alternative (a), the one favored by second-guessers, is superior in three variations.
As the group of second-guessers grows among fans, though, there is always going to be one more than they could count.
No matter who is advanced for the position, the second-guessers will be lined up.
Civil War, as anyone who has ever attended a Civil War Roundtable can tell you, are littered with such second-guessers.
Miniter never says that Clinton did nothing to stop bin Laden, only that he could have and should have done more, done it earlier, and done it more forcefully, in other words, he should have gone for the big inning instead of bunting, or thrown the ball on third-and-one instead of rushing, or done any of the sorts of things recommended by the second-guessers who routinely call sports-talk programs after the game is played.
With the flawless vision of 20 years of hindsight, it is easy enough for any of us to point out that structural flaws of power and control lay at the root of America's education problems in 1983 and now--flaws which, in the commission's defense, they were as aware of as today's second-guessers.
In a head-to-head contest, Vaughn edged out Cleveland Indians left fielder Albert Belle, causing many second-guessers to suggest that, unlike in the past, this time on-field accomplishments didn't weigh as heavily as player character.
6 million into the red, the second-guessers were out in force.
In the real world of plaintiffs, attorneys and second-guessers, we must deal with situations that involve gray areas, not the black and white of right and wrong.
For instance, ex-Met manager Davey Johnson used his radio pre-game show as a welcomed forum for all those second-guessers.
Ever since news organizations laid their collective egg in the 1988 presidential election, the second-guessers have had a field day lecturing the press on how it should retool their political coverage.
Analysts and second-guessers immediately had Walgreens opening drug stores in such far-away locations as Antarctica, while Boots, they claimed, was poised to take over the Walgreens drug stores in this country.
But the reality is that the professionals now lack the political muscle to fend off the agency's critics and second-guessers.
The activists can't complain that these incidents are poorly investigated -- their hand-picked second-guessers scrutinize investigations they set up.
However, many second-guessers, if asked, would undoubtedly have agreed with his view last April 10 when the struggling Cubs lost a 3-2 game to the Mets at Wrigley Field.