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Synonyms for second-guess

attempt to anticipate or predict

evaluate or criticize with hindsight

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A board's chief responsibility is to pick good managers and then support them, not second-guess them.
Judge Letourneau decided it was not up to him to second-guess Parliament, which he said crafted the new rules for the complex EI program after extensive debate and study.
Those companies that have said they've had enough and have left are making decisions that they feel are in their own best interest, and I would not presume to comment or second-guess any of them.
Jason Meadows' sculptures inspire a similarly puzzling reverie, asking you to second-guess his odd decisions to wed efficient, Home Depot-esque lumber, particle board, and the occasional fluorescent light fixture to an entirely wacked notion of the hallucinatory, producing work that is at once elegant and user-friendly.
The idea that the courts would come in to second-guess the decision of the president would be, in our view, a violation of what's called the 'separation of powers.
This bill places the primary responsibility for supervising brownfield cleanups with state programs and limits the circumstances under which the EPA can second-guess the state's handling of the issue," says Roger Platt, senior vice president of the committee.
It is crucial for CEOs to be aware of the degree to which negative personality traits are considered red flags, signaling the need to monitor a company more closely and, in some cases, second-guess decisions.
But Horta's consistent attempts to second-guess our experience of Object Constant feels cynical.
Once the suit is filed, the doctor can look forward to five years or so of torture as lawyers second-guess every detail of what happened to the sick patient.
It means you change course and people will second-guess you, but in the long run, they're doing the right thing.