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Synonyms for second-guess

attempt to anticipate or predict

evaluate or criticize with hindsight

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The ruling from the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said it was up to the Justice Department to negotiate the terms of a settlement, and US District Judge Richard Leon shouldn't have second-guessed the deal as too lenient.
However, Lisa Curtis, an eminent South Asian expert, who is called by the Congress quite often for Congressional testimonies on Afghanistan, argued that by skipping the Taliban from the text of his speech, the US President indicated that he is beginning to second-guess US strategy.
Supreme Court said it could not "second-guess" local governments--a laughable objection, in light of decades' worth of "second-guessing" on matters ranging from property rights to public prayer.
As to what happens then, I wouldn't like to second-guess Henri
"Just as we decline to second guess the city's considered judgments about the efficacy of its development plan, we also decline to second-guess the city's determination as to what lands it needs to acquire in order to effectuate the project."
Successful or not, they second-guess themselves and critically review their performances long after concluding their interviews.
It is too easy for a party to second-guess a trustee's decision to pursue litigation after the fact.
Must the directors now second-guess their experts to avoid themselves being second-guessed by a judge?
While on occasion I'd like to be able to make some addresses and URLs hyperlinks so I can easily access them, I alone want to make that decision; I don't want Word to second-guess me.
A board's chief responsibility is to pick good managers and then support them, not second-guess them.
Judge Letourneau decided it was not up to him to second-guess Parliament, which he said crafted the new rules for the complex EI program after extensive debate and study.
Figueroa said he would have had a far easier time reaching a decision if Tiffany had not tried to second-guess the process by holding back such revealing information.
"Those companies that have said they've had enough and have left are making decisions that they feel are in their own best interest, and I would not presume to comment or second-guess any of them."
This part of the ruling sets dangerous precedent in that the cit, and NLC believe the Court has adopted a legal standard for regulatory takings liability that allows juries to second-guess public land-use policy.