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Synonyms for second-class

Synonyms for second-class

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of inferior status or quality

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The Bangalore-Mangalore Central-Kannur Express earlier comprised 14 coaches, including two luggage-cum-brake vans, eight second-class sleeper coaches and one 2-Tier AC and 3-Tier AC coaches.
Cushions in second-class compartments are two inches thick.
Britain's public services are treating elderly people as "second-class citizens", a leading charity has warned following a report into health and social care for over-50s.
Today a growing number of labor, immigrant rights and black political activists recognize the similarity between the denial of civil rights to African Americans and the second-class status of immigrants in the U.S.
They're the children who are getting a second-class upbringing from women who, if they are so stressed and exhausted, can only be second-class mothers.
What the gay civil rights movement--in fact, almost the whole gay community--has failed to see, let alone get across to the straight community, is that this makes us second-class citizens.
Forgive me for thinking the had already done this some time ago, but now they cunningly wish to formalise the arrangement by abolishing the second-class mail.
That's probably because it was followed by four decades of hostile rulings from the nation's top court relegating gays and lesbians to second-class citizenship.
Arriving via second-class mail is her object of desire, an inflatable and quite elderly sex doll.
Second-class relics are objects in close contact with a saint - clothing or instruments of martyrdom.
In the past few years, community papers have managed to hold in-county second-class rates - the mail classification most important to small-town publishers - to either flat or small increases.
Commercial second-class requirements do not apply to second-class nonprofit mailers, but a similar proposal is likely to be included in a nonprofit reclassification filing that is likely to occur next year, said Denton.
Thus, those dispatchers who perceived that they were being treated as second-class citizens, lacked pay and promotional opportunities, experienced conflicting role demands, or lacked supervisory support reported higher levels of job stress and burnout.
He also links this religious argument with a "public policy analysis" which effectively reduces gays to second-class citizens.