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grinding tooth with a broad crown


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pertaining to large units of behavior

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The pathway of the MC was reflected in the present study in closer distances from MC to dental apices from second molars, concurring with some studies (Koivisto et al.
A case of complex odontoma associated with an impacted lower deciduous second molar and analysis of the 107 odontomas.
A 38-year-old man was referred to the clinic of Department of Conservative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sumatera Utara with a chief complaint of discomfort on chewing or percussion and palpation in his left mandibular second molar.
Twenty-six sets of periapical radiographs were obtained of mandibular first and second molars (20 first molars, 6 second molars) with radiographic furcation involvement in all 18 patients (Table I).
S; Bazakidou, E: "Uprighting fully impacted second molars, J Clin Orthod 1995; 29:316-8.
Distalization of maxillary first and second molars simultaneously with repelling magnets.
This variant is seen mostly in mandibular second molars, although it can also appear in maxillary and mandibular premolars and molars.
Interestingly, with respect to tooth type and location, the root-resected first molars were significantly more frequent than second molars ( P = 0.
Terminal plane relationship of the second primary molars was evaluated and recorded as class 1: the distal surfaces of maxillary and mandibular primary second molars lie in the same vertical plan; class 2: the distal surface of the mandibular primary second molar is posterior to that of maxillary primary second molar; and class 3: the distal surface of the mandibular primary second molar is anterior to that of the maxillary primary second molar [9].
Extensive interproximal caries or ecto- pic eruption of the maxillary first molars may re- sult in premature loss of primary second molars and a subsequent loss of arch length.
2) Koplik's spots are classically present on the buccal mucosa opposite the second molars early in the course of measles, occasionally extending to the whole buccal mucosa.
Less space is lost following early extraction of primary first molars, compared to primary second molars,