second gear

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the gear that has the second lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle

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To be fair it was a comfortable afternoon, we didn't even really get out of second gear.
But they haven't needed to get out of second gear against Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Poland, and Ukraine.
The second peak occurs at the critical band 16, which is contributed by responses at the second gear mesh harmonic frequency of 3280 Hz.
I had to drop to second gear, maximum 20mph, to negotiate the treacherous double bends and steep hill right down to Hade Edge.
With the suggested 20mph limit, many cars will not even get out of second gear.
But mechanical dialogue, a slow pace and labouring under a huge debt to the classic Bladerunner, has it clunking along in second gear.
Yes, charity does begin at home but when the world is faced with the sort of crisis that they have just seen in the Philippines I am afraid our charities have to go to second gear and these poor people who need our help desperately must be given priority.
Announcing a second Gear so soon after the first may have been in Samsung's plans all along, but it seems an usual move to leave the launch of the second device until after the Christmas sales spike - and early adopters will no doubt be unamused if their Gear is relegated to the second-best model so soon, should a superior watch arrive in the first quarter of 2014.
Put your SUV in first or second gear and lift off the clutch completely.
Stokesley looked in second gear but were brought back into the game by another individual goal from Freddie Cowey.
WALES caretaker coach Rob Howley admitted his side never got out of second gear as Argentina claimed a stunning 26-12 win at the Millennium Stadium.
It was disappointing as we didn't seem able to get out of second gear.
Having scraped into the match-play stages on the cut-off mark Pugh demolished first opponent Joshua White of Chipstead 6&4 without having to get out of second gear.
Chester rarely had to get out of second gear against the side who lie next to bottom in the league.
I never had to move out of second gear and am pleased with how I fought.
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