second fiddle

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Synonyms for second fiddle

someone who serves in a subordinate capacity or plays a secondary role

a secondary role or function

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The whole world is watching, she is playing a second fiddle to the army, it is obvious," Vadakkan told ANI.
We've long predicted O'Leary would not be second fiddle at Closutton
We will never hack it, all we will be is faceless people in row seven, seat six, next to the man with cymbals, you, that fellow, whatsisname yeah, you, the one with the second fiddle.
Imagine howwonderful itwould be if Peel Holding''s development were that good that the Three Graces did play second fiddle to the buildings?
Alonso found himself playing second fiddle to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in yesterday's Brazilian Grand Prix as the Red Bull duo scored their fourth one-two of the year spearheaded by the German.
Ferrari's decision has effectively ensured Massa will now have to play second fiddle to Alonso for the remainder of the season.
They've supported The Answer and The Enemy but won't play second fiddle for long.
But he has had to play second fiddle to Benoit Assou-Ekotto this campaign.
As I looked down on our congregation from my vantage in the choir loft, at the near empty sanctuary during our Reformation Day service, I was at once angry and concerned, that the second-most important day on the Kirk calendar (the first being the day my Saviour gave His life for me) played second fiddle to: ice hockey practice, Rangers vs.
Sources from PPPP disclosed here Monday that the decision has been aimed to present Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari as second fiddle of (L) Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and to compete with Fatima Bhutto in National Political platform.
BEN FOSTER has thrown down the gauntlet to Sir Alex Ferguson by insisting he won't play second fiddle to Edwin van der Sar at Old Trafford next season, writes STEVE BATES.
After playing second fiddle to her Swim Pasadena teammate at those meets, VandenBerge demonstrated Wednesday night that not only is she ready to overtake Sun as the state's top junior competitor, but possibly secure the award as the nation's best 18-under female performer.
Our dance--classical and modern--goes cap in hand to patrons and sponsors, with creativity usually playing second fiddle to fund-raising.
The record of Britain's Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) is somewhat murky for the general reader, and its accomplishments definitely play second fiddle to the Royal Flying Corps (RFC).
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