second class

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Synonyms for second class

not the highest rank in a classification

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not the highest quality in a classification

a class of accommodations on a ship or train or plane that are less expensive than first class accommodations

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The price of a Large Letter Second Class stamp will also rise by one penny to GBP0.
Royal Mail's Christmas stamps feature secular and religious imagery in alternate years with first and second class Madonna and Child stamps also available from today in 8,000 Post Offices and online.
A large letter first class stamp up to 100g increases by 3p to 93p, while a large second class stamp will go up by 4p to 73p.
First class stamps will stay at 60p, while the cost of sending second class letters will stay at 50p for the rest of the year.
My question to the Royal Mail is - do you have a special corner in your building where you dump all second class mail until you are ready to deliver those letters and are you using this slow coach system to make your customers use first class owing to them having to cost cut in these days of austerity?
The thickness of cushions in first-class coaches, including the backrest, is four inches and there are no full backrests in second class coaches.
Ofcom said the "safeguard cap" on second class letters should be extended to large letters and small parcels up to 2kg to further protect vulnerable consumers and small businesses.
Summary: First and second class stamp prices will increase by 14p from next month to record highs of 60p and 50p, the Royal Mail has announced.
Trivedi had in his maiden Railway Budget proposed a hike of one paise per km for suburban and ordinary second class travel.
A spokesman said: "An independent survey showed second class mail is hitting its target 98.
ROYAL Mail narrowly missed its First Class stamped mail target in the months leading up to Christmas but Second Class mail hit its quality target.
ROYAL Mail was yesterday accused of cheating clients after a memo showed first and second class post sent on a Saturday is delivered at the same time.
Heidelberg, Germany) first present the classical treatment in chapters that address the local (gauge) symmetry systems as singular Lagrangian systems, the classical Hamiltonian formulation based on the work of Dirac, the symplectic approach for handling singular systems, second class systems where quantization poses some problems resolvable by gauge theory, and the Hamilton-Jacoby formulation of the classical dynamics of constrained systems.
The first class consists of the relations which are ready-made for the person, while the second class is created, established, or developed by the person himself/herself.
We found that in 35 per cent of cases a card sent 30p second class arrived in the same time or less than one posted first class.