second childhood

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mental infirmity as a consequence of old age

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If Reyes had his second childhood, 12-year-old Marcus Bautista is still having the time of his pre-adolescent life.
I will trade in the Bible for a jumbo Dictionary of History's Wisest and Wittiest Quotations; the Complete Work of Shakespeare will be exchanged for the Complete Works of Beano and Dandy - well, I will probably be overtaken by second childhood during my stay; my book will be a supply of blank A4 notebooks, along with pencils, sharpener and rubber.
In their search for emancipation, for a second childhood, Syrians will suffer, but they will also struggle against suffering.
After I retired and entered my second childhood, I bought another Cushman; I am still riding it at age 77.
In the case of Fanny Howe's latest collection, Second Childhood, the temptation to project a life onto the page is irresistible, but the author herself cautions against such a reading.
Whether it's reliving your youth vicariously through your kids, or just the flowering of a second childhood I'm not sure, but it's true to say I have no compunction in admitting my guilt in the matter.
Contract awarded for The description of the service contract is a course health care second childhood, semi modality led to 04 officials of the municipalities of san antonio and juan fernandez, in the field the local municipal primary health.
Still at 70, I'm entitled to contemplate a second childhood.
rockingchairman The senile Company head--whom everyone wants to retire or die-- is in his second childhood and only wants to rock!
Now I'm into second childhood I wanted to form a band called Punks Not Grandad, then I discovered this band on the internet called Punks Not Dad who were tremendously witty and had a devastatingly attractive female in their ranks called Lisa Rogers.
I was the one who wanted to regress to some Eden, claim a second childhood by using May as my ticket.
Damascus,(SANA) -- Activities of Second Childhood Festival for Raising Water Awareness started its activities here on Sunday.
Hell, as an old guy I'm experiencing my second childhood, and with the market in the shitter and gold only good for looking at, I've chosen to invest in fun and guns.
A wonderful time of the year and a job I love doing no matter where I am in the country, for putting smiles on the faces of children of all ages and those in their second childhood - including me.
She said: "It's a new beginning for me and maybe it's a second childhood and I'm going to love every minute of it.