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barbiturate that is a white odorless slightly bitter powder (trade name Seconal) used as a sodium salt for sedation and to treat convulsions

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"Hey doc, I'm taking 30 reds a day." I figured that they were probably exaggerating, so that 20 secobarbital (100 mg) capsules per day would possibly be a reasonable starting dose.
Em 1960 o laboratorio Eli Lilly comercializou o secobarbital, um barbiturico com propriedades analgesicas que se converteu em uma das drogas da cultura underground dos anos 1960.
Drug Approximate retention time Amphetamines 48 hours Barbiturates 24 hours: short acting (eg, secobarbital) 2-3 weeks: long acting (eg, phenobarbital) Benzodiazepines 3 days: ingestion of therapeutic dose Up to 6 weeks: for extended usage (ie, 1 + years) Cannabinoids 5 days: moderate smoker (4 times/week) 10 days: heavy smoker (daily) 20-28 days: chronic smoker Cocaine (metabolized) 2-4 days Ethanol 2-4 days Methadone ~30 days Opiates 2 days Phencyclidine 8 days: acute use Up to 30 days: chronic use (average of 14 days) Propoxyphene 6-48 hours Gourlay, DL, Heit HA.
Secobarbital attenuates excitotoxicity but potentiates oxygen glucose deprivation neuronal injury in cortical cell culture.
depends / Upon // a red"): the drug secobarbital: red devil: red
In Vietnam, intravenous barbiturates (pentobarbital, secobarbital) and morphine with atropine or scopolamine were used preoperatively.
* Barbiturates, such as pentobarbital (Nembutal) and secobarbital (Seconal), used to treat insomnia and anxiety
The D rating is generally reserved for drugs with no safer alternatives, such as secobarbital, doxycycline, and lorazepam.
Included in this group are aprobarbital (pregnancy risk factor C) (Alurate); pentobarbital (D) (Nembutal); and secobarbital (D) (Seconal).
The label change affects drugs including Zolpidem, marketed as Ambien/Ambien CR by Sanofi-Aventis; butabarbital, marketed as Butisol Sodium by Medpointe Pharmaceuticals HLC; flurazepam, marketed as Dalmane by Valeant Pharmaceuticals; quazepam, marketed as Doral by Questcor Pharmaceuticals; triazolam, marketed as Halcion by Pharmacia & Up-john Inc.; eszopiclone, marketed as Lunesta by Sepracor Inc.; estazolam, marketed as Prosom by Abbott; temazepam, marketed as Restoril by Tyco Healthcare Group; ramelteon, marketed as Rozerem by Takeda Pharmaceutical Inc.; secobarbital, marketed as Seconal by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc.; and zaleplon, marketed as Sonata by King Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Lethal medication: 25 patients, or 68 percent, used pentobarbital, and 12 patients (32 percent) used secobarbital, or Seconal.
No attorney general or DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration] official is going to confuse a prescription for sixty milligrams of oral long-acting morphine with a prescription for two thousand milligrams of secobarbital to be taken at once with a plastic bag wrapped around one's head."
An 'improved version', phenobarbital (Luminal) followed in 1912 and was later joined by the likes of pentobarbital (Nembutal), secobarbital (Seconal) and amobarbital (Amytal).
Drugs that might interfere with the results of monitoring tests Antineoplastic drugs Other drugs Azacitidine Atropine Busulfan Chloral hydrate Chlorambucil Chlordiazepoxide Cisplatin Chlorpromazine Cyclophosphamide Cimetidine Cytarabine Diazepam Dacarbazine Dobutamine Dibromodulcitol Dopamine Estramustine Ephedrine Floxuridine Fentanyl Fludarabine Haloperidol Fluorouracil Hydroxyzine Ifosfamide Meperidine Lomustine Metoclopramide Mercaptopurine Midazolam Methotrexate Morphine Streptozocin Pentobarbital Thiopeta Phenylephrine Prochlorperazine Promethazine Ranitidine Scopolamine Secobarbital Temazepam
Classification and Pharmacologic Management of Seizures Seizure First Line Agents New/Alternative Agents Simple Partial phenytoin primidone carbamazepine phenobarbital valproic acid gabapentin lamotrigine felbamate topiramate ethotoin mephenytoin Complex partial phenytoin primidone carbamazepine valproic acid phenobarbital mephobarbital gabapentin lamotrigine felbamate topiramate amobarbital Absence clonazepam methsuximide ethosuximide phensuximide valproic acid lamotrigine trimethadione Myoclonic valproic acid clonazepam Tonic Clonic phenytoin/fosphenytoin phenobarbital carbamazepine primidone valproic acid topiramate Stares epilepticus phenytoin/fosphenytoin diazepam lorazepam phenobarbital diazepam secobarbital pentobarbital