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Synonyms for secession


Synonyms for secession

an Austrian school of art and architecture parallel to the French art nouveau in the 1890s

formal separation from an alliance or federation

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Because the Constitution allows self-determination, many Kenyans believe secession is demanded by the supreme law and is necessarily right.
Close is convinced that someday Valley secession will return to the ballot.
No one had a rule book telling what to do about secession.
There is more revenue here than we thought," agreed a spokesperson for Borough President Guy Molinari, who has declared his desire for secession.
Initially concerned with understanding the intractability of the violent secession wars that led to the break-up of Yugoslavia, the authors (both of Macquarie U.
And if we chose not to pay, our mayor hinted that the day after secession, should we citizens of a newly independent Valley choose to flush, our flush might not have anywhere to go.
But since secession is effectively ``off the table,'' I believe it's important to explore other opportunities for significant reform to improve the relationship of city government with its diverse neighborhoods and to reduce the influence of downtown special interests.
One of the things that secession did not do successfully was reach out beyond its borders to make its case, particularly to the people on the other side of the hill,'' said Joel Fox, a consultant for the secession drive and former president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.
I don't think anyone on the campaign would question my commitment to cityhood or secession,'' he said.
Throughout the campaign, Hahn and fellow city officials repeated the mantra endlessly: If secession passes, legal protections for tenants will disappear.
Richard Bort of Panorama City said Valley VOTE should parlay its clout from the secession campaign into other issues.
LOS Angeles' first city elections since the San Fernando Valley secession vote come up in just nine days, so it's important that voters cut through the fog of politicking and get clear about the central issue of the campaign.
For the San Fernando Valley secession movement, 2002 was the year of its greatest triumph and its greatest defeat.
A group of core San Fernando Valley secession activists vowed Tuesday to carry on the quest for a separate Valley city, even while conceding that a new ballot measure on the issue is years away at best.
As San Fernando Valley activists ponder life after secession, many new voices have emerged from the cityhood campaign to lobby and speak for Valley interests.