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a condition in which overactivity of the sebaceous glands causes the skin to become oily

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DLQI was the outcome variable and the independent variables were sociodemographic characteristics (age, gender, income, occupation and marital status) and disease characteristics (age of onset, seborrhoea, aggravating factors, site, morphology and severity of acne).
Warn women that voice change is irreversible Gestrinone Effective in pain relief, but treatment limited by side-effects of weight gain, hirsutism, seborrhoea and acne Surgical treatment Reserved for women with servere intractable pain not responding to medical treatment
Oral Retinoids in the Treatment of Seborrhoea and Acne.
Diva 35 is an anti-androgenic oral contraceptive pill that is indicated for the treatment of seborrhoea, pilosebaceous inflammation, acne and hirsutism.
One quite common one is seborrhoea (the abnormal formation of one of the skin layers, causing skin scaling).
The diseases which Mr Wells mentions - eczema, psoriasis and seborrhoea - and others certainly fall within the term.
What you describe could be a type of eczema called seborrhoea eczema which affects the face and forehead.
Avoid harsh products that strip your skin of oil on the T-zone as they can cause a reaction known as seborrhoea, where the oil glands work overtime to compensate for the loss of natural oils.
Increasing pubertal age, seborrhoea, the premenstrual phase, mental stress and sweet and oily foods have been reported as risk factors for moderate-to-severe acne.