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Chairman Hari and Porhiyat Council, Punal Sario said that thousands of acres of land was affected by seawater intrusion in Badin and Thatta districts and the release of freshwater into seawater should be ensured to stop such intrusion.
The plant will provide seawater to all end users including the proposed Duqm Refinery which will be built adjacent to the Port of Duqm.
That's why we had to use the seawater for its condenser circuit," he says.
What I realized while watching all of this was how little we actually knew about what happens if you take hot seawater and pour it on nuclear fuel," Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Ewing said.
As per the detail of the project, seawater intrusion is a phenomenon is which seawater migrates inland into the fresh ground water aquifer near the coast.
This is GEs first order of its seawater sulfate removal technology for the offshore oil and gas industry and the first time GE and Halvorsen TEC have been jointly awarded a complete SRU order.
The Korean contractor last worked on the third phase of a seawater desalination plant at Yanbu in 2012, and prior to that was engaged on a desalination plant project at Ras Al Khair in 2010.
He said proper research is needed to address the issues of seawater intrusion.
He pointed out that seawater intrusion had been causing damage in coastal areas of both provinces
In fact, experts find that those who live by the beach and regularly swim in seawater tend to have healthier respiratory systems.
GE (NYSE: GE) announced on Monday that Southern California Edison (SCE) is expanding its desalination plant on Catalina Island, California, using GE's advanced desalination technology that will convert seawater into clean drinking water.
The main cause of the incident was a rupture of the seawater supply pipe to the Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic) facilities on May 3.
Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi will be home to a research and development centre where seawater will be used to grow fish, shrimp besides halophyte plants to obtain feedstock to make biofuel and bio-chemicals.
This is a drought-proof water insurance policy for Texas at a time when it needs it most," said Stefan Schuster, the water resources strategy lead for MWH, a company hired by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority to analyze the feasibility of seawater desalination.